15 Proven Ways to Connect with Other Bloggers

Proven ways to connect with other bloggers

Blogging is a business, and businesses need networking. You have probably heard this quote, ” Your network is your net worth.”

It’s totally okay to grow a blog alone, but when your blog is growing, you have to connect with other bloggers.

But the problem is, as a new blogger, it’s hard to connect with like-minded bloggers who maintain the same niche.

No worries, take a cup of coffee and finish this post. Today in this blog, we will disclose the 15 proven ways you can use to connect with other bloggers.

You are already clear about why you should connect with other bloggers. But only knowing something can not help you. The thing you can do is take action.

Without further due, let’s see how you can connect with other bloggers.

Social media takeover

Almost every blogger has their own social media account. Social media makes it easy to grab other bloggers’ attention.

If you haven’t created yours for your blog, it’s time to create yours.

You can mention others on social media without any problem or paid method.

Just look at the screenshot.

social media usage time

Creating a general-looking social media profile is not going to help you. Let’s see how you can do this.

Fill in the information about your business as much as you can. The more you tell about your blog/yourself, the more you spread awareness.

To create a good one, you should focus on the screenshot below.

Social media takeover

Adding your website link to your social media account allows others to visit your site. On the other hand, when you are doing well, people love to visit your profile.

The daily active user number on Facebook will be 2 Billion in 2024. This is huge. You can also check other social media users’ data here:

social media user data

Now, everything is in front of you. Show your appearance on social media and connect with talented bloggers in your relevant niche.

Comment on Relevant blogs

To get connected with other relevant bloggers, your comments should be noticeable. You are commenting like cool, amazing, awesome. This is not going to work.

The comment you are doing, it will be valuable and informative.

To get noticed, you can correct them with the correct data.

If everything is ok, pick up some valuable points and tell the author they have done a lot of tasks for your research. The blog owner will appreciate you.

The problem is we are too busy to comment. To make a meaningful comment, you must read the whole blog carefully.

If you are only reading blog headlines just because you are in a hurry, why do you think the blog owner is waiting only for your comment?

comment on relevent blog

As a blogger, you should remember every blogger has their schedule.

Commenting on others’ blogger blogs is a process of building relationships. If you do this correctly, you will get benefits with relation.

Here are some top benefits that you will get from blog commenting.

  • Blog owners start noticing you.
  • You are on the way to connecting with talented bloggers.
  • Commenting drives traffic
  • Taking time for blog comments will generate new ideas.
  • You will get feedback.
  • Commenting on other blogs shows your expertise.

Share posts aggressively

I love blog sharting strategy. When you share your niche-related blog on social media, this simple process will give you huge benefits in making relationships.

You are sharing a post on social media, and your followers are reading or maybe not. But at the same time, you are helping someone to grow their audience.

This is someone’s task, and you are doing it for free. Blog owners love this type of support.

Don’t be stopped there. After sharing posts on social media, let the blogger know you have shared.

To get better results, you can add emailing.

Note: In the mail, tell the author/blogger which part you loved most and why you have shared it.

Most bloggers use this method to get connected with new bloggers. Later they propose guest posting. This is why sharing is caring.

But it’s important to get notified when your targeted bloggers have published a post.

Google Alerts is an amazing tool that you can use to get notified. You can directly land on Google alerts by clicking here.

google alerts 1

Type the topic you want to follow in the box, and you will see a button called “Create Alert” Hit on that.

You are done.

Whenever your targeted blogger publishes any post, you will be notified through Gmail. Be a fast mover, not a first mover.

Everyone loves to see posts in the shared zone, including me.

You have a good amount of followers on social media, and you have shared a post that will benefit your followers; it is a great job for you and your new relationships.

Here, you are not the only person who is getting benefits. The post author or blog owner will be happy for your task, and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

But when you share a high-level blogger post, you must keep patience.

They are busy when they notice the post that you have shared, they will connect with you, or you will get at least a thanks.

When you are new, you have to wait. Do not hurry. Your process of connecting with other bloggers is on the way.

Create expert roundup posts

Creating expert roundup posts for connecting with bloggers is another good one. It’s easy to do and effective.

You can attract more traffic, shares, and subscribers through expert roundup posts. Be careful about the title and what you are going to create.

You can create a post titled “Read 20 experts’ share secrets to succeed in SEO”. Sounds good. Isn’t it?

Let’s see how you can do this;

Find the right topic or question

To do that, you can use Quora, Google’s Q&A feature, Answerthepublic, or SEMrush (Keyword Magic Tool). Use any of these to find a related question.

Before starting, think about your audience and their pain point. Without knowing the pain point, creating an expert roundup post is useless.

It doesn’t matter which topic you choose; make an easy one for the experts that they can easily answer.

The more you complicate, the more it will be hard for your audience.

Find the right experts

The majority of your content will come from experts. Focus on your experts; they are the backbone of the roundup.

If you want to increase the success rate, consider attracting more experts.

An easy way to find out experts in any field is Google.

To find experts on Google, use this search Expert Roundup “[Your Topic].”

expert roundup post search results

Send the email

In every roundup post, you will get expert social media accounts along with the website. Now create a Google shit.

Note down their email address or contact details. Send them an email for your post.

experts roundup post's email sample

When you send your email to the experts, 4 things you need to keep on your head.

  1. Address with their name.
  2. Let them know what your topic is
  3. Ask them your question
  4. Tell them where you will publish

Arrange all the responses perfectly.

You have the response that experts send to you. Put them all together with a catchy title.

In the introduction, tell the audience what the pain points the experts have shared.

Don’t forget to attach experts’ images with their social media accounts in the body.

In the internet area, trust is your main weapon. Don’t miss any opportunity to grab that.

Let your experts know their responses are live.

You have published the post with an attention-grabbing title, and with an introduction, you have clarified the post’s purpose.

Now, it’s time to thank all the experts who helped you to create that awesome roundup post.

Please write an email to all contributors and ask them to share the post.

experts roundup post emila sample

Every task is done except one promotion.

Share on your social media accounts. Tag all the contributors, including those who haven’t participated in your roundup post.

Create an infographic and share it on Quora and Pinterest to get more responses.

Don’t forget to attach the infographics in your roundup post.

Insert other blogger’s link

It’s not possible to cover everything in a single blog post.

This is why bloggers link with related resources in their blog posts. But there is a twist.

You can do this to connect with other bloggers. Sounds crazy? I know.

You are writing a post called “How to make money online?”

Again, there are 6,50,00,00,000 results on Google, and obviously, you are not linking or reading all of them.

how to make money onine results screenshot

You will only link that particular blog post or stats that you like or your readers will benefit from.

Contact all the bloggers and appreciate them all for creating awesome blog posts.

Be specific, do not send the same email to everyone.

Insert other blogger's link

Here, a general email can not help you. A blogger always goes into a busy schedule. You are not the only person who is giving them free links.

So they will check your latest blog. Just for, you have linked them?

No way. Every time you hit on publish button.

Reach out to them and tell them you have linked them, not for you have linked. Email them for their latest stats or awesome blog post.

Ask for advice and let them know

As a beginner blogger, I have read a lot. But most of the time, I feel stuck when it comes to writing new content.

It takes time, research, so much effort, and mistakes. You can not write a blog post like an expert in the beginning.

You can use a simple but effective strategy here. Think about a blogger who is already connected with you on social media.

Simply tell them you are stuck on a topic [Tell them your topic’s specific part]. And ask them politely; if they can help you move on, it will help you a lot.

Note: Your content should be completed except for that particular area.

If the person is like-minded, then they will love to help you. But it should not be more than 6-7 sentences.

After shedding blood, sweat, and tears to complete your blog, you have finally hit the publish button.

Now it’s time to let your helper know your post is live. Don’t forget to mention or link them.

This simple process will help you connect more and get new backlinks.

You can mix expert roundup post tips to make this process more effective.

You are still reading; I don’t need to tell you what you need to do.

Engage with blogger tweets

I should keep this point number 1. This is one of the easiest ways to connect with other bloggers. I have used this method a lot.

At a time, you can make friends with more than 10 bloggers.

You can also increase this number, but there is a why.

Your blog is your property, and you are undoubtedly maintaining it properly.

But at the same time, if you give most of your time just to making new friends, it will break your blogging time.

To keep everything good, list 10 bloggers with whom you want to make friends.

Use your real ID to engage with them.

Whenever your targeted blogger tweets, please give them your opinion, but don’t make it one-sided.

During this time, be careful what you tweet because they will return to your tweet.

After passing 10-15 days, you will start watching the results.

Now it’s time to go for your mission. You can contact them for guest posting or ask them for blogging advice.

If you are new to blogging or want to add a new guest post strategy, you can definitely add this to your list.

Guest posts will work, if

This point required good content writing skills. Five hundred words of content will not work here.

Your content should be well-written and well-structured.

You are trying to connect with other bloggers to make them your friends.

But in this case, if you act like salesy. It will not work.

The owner often checks a single-person-managed blog website.

And the blog owner doesn’t allow any fake person to break their blog. To increase the success rate of guest posting,

Write E-A-T-friendly content and attach an infographic. The blog owner will love to accept your content.

Here the majority of new bloggers failed because they work one-time jobs.

But if you take this job as a long-term process, your ability to connect with other bloggers will be increased.

Every blogger doesn’t accept guest posts. This is true. But guest post stats say differently:

84% of bloggers accept guest posts on their blog.

To find guest post opportunities you can use these methods:

  • + “guest blog”/”guest post”
  • + “write for us”
  • + “Submit an article”/” Submit a guest post”
  • + “contribute guest post”
  • + “contribute to our blog”
  • + “become a guest blogger”
  • + “guest blogging guidelines”
  • + “contributor guidelines”

You just need to add your topic just before the plus sign. To get a clear idea, you can follow the screenshot below.

guest post searching methods

Write guest posts like you are the owner of that blog.

When you take this seriously, the man behind your prospective blog will take you seriously.

You can do two more things with guest posting:

  1. Guest post exchange
  2. Accept guest posts on your blog

Doing these two things and guest posting will make your process fast, connecting with other bloggers.

If someone is coming back to your blog, they can see you are also one of them accepting guest posts.

They can also contact you to do guest posts on your blog.

Participate in a mastermind Facebook group

I recommend joining a mastermind Facebook group for every newbie blogger to grow and gain knowledge about blogging.

Here are the 4 groups that you can join:

  1. Bloggers Mastermind
  2. Blogging Mastermind Group
  3. Blogger Mastermind Squad
  4. Two Hour Blogger — Affiliate Mastermind Group

Don’t act like a noob.

Your purpose is to connect with other bloggers, not to ruin the group.

Some people will probably start promoting their content just after joining the group.

After joining the Facebook group, hit over the member’s area and check what they are doing.

facebook group members

Don’t need to engage with every post; try to ask or answer questions.

The more you answer, the more you connect with other bloggers.

Keep your opinion

Everyone on this earth can’t always be right.

Discussing a topic, maybe you know that topic better than the group members, never hesitate to keep your opinion.

This simple task will attract new bloggers quickly. On the other hand, the same question can be answered in more than one way.

If you have or know some better solution for any query, move on and tell them there are other possibilities.

Group admin will love this type of member who makes their task easy and comfortable.

Be their customer

This point will help you to connect with like-minded bloggers. In this current time, blogging isn’t an easy task for everyone.

You must gain content writing, basic WordPress knowledge, On-page SEO, and keyword research.

After that, you can be a blogger.

So, taking a blogging course can be an easy and time-saving step. But the problem is YouTube. Why?

Open YouTube and search for blogging tutorials; there are endless videos.

On YouTube, you can’t find real-time problem solutions.

So many problems are hidden from YouTubers, and they will never share.

But you are on the truck when you are in a paid group. You can ask any question related to your blogging problems.

Attend live events

I love this point so much because of the huge opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

Attending live events will help you meet new people who are already crazy.

You can connect them face to face.

Making new friends at live events depends on your communication skills.

The more you attract them, the more you connect with new bloggers.

If you have attended any live events, comment down your experience. Ok, let’s come back to our main topic.

How to connect with strangers at live events

The easiest way to connect with stranger bloggers is by talking with them.

You can’t expect anything good without talking or meeting with them. If you want to make them your friend, you must do this.

There are so many tactics to make it happen. Here are the 10 best ways to apply:

  1. Don’t think everyone is a stranger; think like they are your friends
  2. Realize everyone is as scared as you are
  3. Be there to help, not to promote yourself
  4. Know and research people before you meet them
  5. Apply 3-second rule
  6. Know names to feel comfortable
  7. Bring a small group together
  8. Find common ground
  9. Know the ABC stories that you want to share
  10. Embrace the party to make it easy

Most of the event’s people are successful or newbies. Refresh your mind. This is not true.

Run giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Everyone does it, man. Do you know?

You can connect with other bloggers and new audiences by running a giveaway.

There are many ways to do this, but only 2-3 methods work well. And one of them is collaborating with other bloggers.

Running giveaways in collaboration with other bloggers increases your success rate in connecting with other bloggers.

The setup process is very important. Don’t make it complicated. Make it easy for more people can join.

For example, you can start the process by commenting and sharing methods.

Instead of giving costly gifts, give the winner a free tool.

It will save you money and energy, but it should be exciting.

Your blog is on SEO, and you collaborate with a content marketing blog.

In your giveaway, you are giving content marketing tools accessible for free.

On the other hand, the content marketing blog owner is giving SEO consultant services to the winner for free.

Both are getting benefits with new subscribers, visitors, and customers.

Your audience and your partner’s audience are checking both of your blogs. So, sounds like an audience exchange.

When you run a giveaway like this, your giveaway will be contributed for free.

This is not fake. People are already getting benefits from it.

Honestly, we are planning for a giveaway in the upcoming months.

Write feedback email

Everyone loves feedback, including me, especially when you are getting feedback emails for your own task.

Meeting someone for the first time may be hard.

But if you think the same way when you start talking to that person, you will obviously fail to make a good conversation.

What if you start the conversation like, “Hey X, I have your task. That’s awesome, man. Congratulations on your success.

Here you are, the way of making a good conversation.

Same thing you can apply on email to connect with other bloggers to make them your friends.

email feeback

Just look at the screenshot. A simple email like David’s can make your day, and you will be happy to connect with other bloggers like David.

To send a mail like David, you have to read any blog post fully then you can send the admin a feedback email.

Why do you need to read the full article?

When you finish any blog post-A-Z, you clearly understand what it is trying to say blog author or what benefits you get from a particular blog post.

Because before sending any feedback email, you have to clear your mind.

Use this trick perfectly to make any bloggers your friend.

Best of luck.

Tell them about broken links

Any type of technical error can harm your website’s performance. This same principle applies to all website owners or bloggers.

Why am I saying you? The reason is simple and easy.

You can audit a website and send the results to the admin. Who will ignore this? Nobody.

You can use this method to connect with other bloggers. How?

Let’s see how we can do this.

bloggingrico site audit

Don’t be afraid. This is our website’s audit. This is the ahrefs webmaster that you can use for your blog also.

Seems like something confusing because here we are verified as our blog owner.

Then how can you help someone with their website error?

Broken links audit using ahrefs free tool

This is a great tool for digging broken links.

User this free tool to find broken links and email the admin that there are broken links in their website/blog.

Read also: 20 Free blogging tools for beginners

The sad part is that most newbies use this trick to make backlinks.

This is 2024; the broken link-building success rate is very low.

But using this tool, at first, make a friendship with the admin, then you can proceed with link building.

ahrefs broken link checker

You have found some broken links, and you have their email address.

Now it’s time to send them emails one by one.

Here is the sample email that you can use as an email template. But don’t copy-paste.

broken link email sample

Process to do

As we have marked in the screenshot, you should keep in your mind these 3 things:

  1. Address with their name
  2. Include the broken link in the email
  3. Please provide them with more info about broken links

Address with their name: The very first thing is to find out who is the owner or writer.

Start writing emails with their name, not Hey there, hi dear.

When you address someone by name, they love reading your email.

But when you address by saying “Hey there or hi dear,” most of the time, your email will be deleted without reading.

Include the broken link in the email: Things should be pointed out. With the broken links, also include the error message.

If there is a post or page on the same blog, don’t forget to inform them.

Please provide them with more info about broken links: Some topics or tools may be outdated or have been paid for, but the author hasn’t noticed.

Your task is to let them know.

You are here to connect with other bloggers, not make backlinks initially. So never ask for an addition.

When you say, “It will be a valuable addition for your readers if you fix your broken link with mine,” you have clarified why you have done the broken links audit task.

To make them comfortable, just inform them of their broken links.

Take advantage of Instagram

This is last but not least. Applying all the methods will be beneficial to connect with other bloggers.

But we are only taking about 4 social media methods because social media is time-consuming.

The less you use social media, the more you can save time for blogging.

But starting a personal blog on Instagram is easily more than blogging.

Let’s come back to our main topic.

instagram profile setup

Could you keep it simple? Don’t use so much text. A clear bio with a big reason and CTA.

The game will start changing when you are consistent with your regular updates.

After setting up the profile, it’s time to connect with other bloggers.

But you have to do this after gaining some followers. When you don’t have followers, why will people connect with you?

Sharing and tagging

Someone is sharing your post on their stories and feeds by giving you credit. Will you hate this? No way. You are going to love this.

But it should be systematic, not just copy-paste.

You want to connect with other bloggers, and among them, you love and enjoy reading blog posts, only 2-3 blog posts.

Take inspiration from their post and create a visual to share on Instagram.

When you share, every time, tag them where you have taken inspiration for your post.

When you do this constantly, people automatically connect with you on Instagram.

The same amount of followers is beneficial

You have a small number of followers, and someone has huge followers. You will hesitate to contact them.

There is no such thing when you have the same number of followers.

Help each other: Share each other posts and tell your followers to check them out.

Both of you have loyal followers; they will check and follow.

Don’t forget to include story-sharing. This will give you more benefits.

Run a giveaway: We have told you before, but this is different because you are helping each other.

At the end of the giveaway, you will increase your follower’s number.

As I told you before, do not keep the price so much. Your main focus is to connect with other bloggers and increase followers on Instagram.

Look at the value of what you are giving.

Do meaningful comment

As we told you at first, making comments like awesome, cool, and super is not going to work when you intend to connect with other bloggers.

Connecting with other bloggers on social media is observation. What are they doing?

What is their best task? It can be SEO, affiliate marketing, or content marketing.

Appreciate their work.


In this blog post, we have discussed 15 different proven ways how you can connect with other bloggers.

All the methods we have shared are easy to adopt and execute.

All you need to do is follow all the steps carefully to make the points work for you.

Numbers 2 and 7 are my favorite. Let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

All the methods are proven, and I am personally using them.

I am done; now it’s your turn to connect with other bloggers.

Good luck!

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.