Hello, welcome to BloggingRico. I am Surya Biswas, a digital entrepreneur from India. My mission is to help people to build their digital assets and they are blogging and affiliate marketing and I am here to help you to create and grow blog and affiliate marketing through Hindi.

Nowadays beginners are facing a lot of problems to build their online money making assets. My first goal is to help the newbie clear their confusion. When I was a newbie, there was no one to help me out.

All the knowledge I currently have is self learned using only google and youtube. But now if you use youtube to learn how to run a successful blog or how to make an affiliate website with complete guide, most of them share half the knowledge and want to complete their work. Ask for your course and you will get a discount.

I am going to share all my knowledge for free.

Blogging is a huge market now. All you need is a unique idea to start with the explosion. Don’t worry about helping you with a complete guide.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a self-created Arab marketplace, hope you get the value. So the main topic of BloggingRico is Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO.

As per my knowledge, 3 topics are the main problem for a newbie. I’m no expert, but I can help you build wealth.

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