How Do You Find Blogs to Follow best 6 list

You are doing a search on the internet and suddenly you have found an awesome blog that you really like.

You are researching that blog and you are thinking about how this blog is so popular.

You are curious, you are doing awesome work on your blog site like that site. How do you find blogs to follow to make your blog like them? You are in the right place.

Today in this post we are going to discuss how you find blogs to follow.

Finding blogs takes time, but we gonna make this easy. How we find out our followed blogs to make our blogs more valuable.

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On the internet currently, 600 million+ blogs are available. Here was my long route confusion. How can anyone find a wishing blog that they can follow?

Benefits of the right blog

New bloggers often search for this question. Lack of knowledge and lack of resources makes new bloggers fail.

Suppose you are a newbie and you don’t know how to do image SEO.

Obviously, you will search on Google how to do image SEO. You will click on a result and you will read it.

If you like the strategy, you will implement it on your blog. For every question, you will search for the answer.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

But if you have resources then you can follow that resource blog. There is no rule that your niche or blog topic will match my niche.

But in some cases, your target will match with every blogger.

The most faced problems for newbies are how to do posts, how to make a blog post more visible on Google search, and how to make backlinks?

There are so many problems out there. Newbies often face these kinds of problems but after reading this post your doubts will be cleared.

All the blogs that you can find in these blogs are great resources for bloggers.

What does it mean by right blogs?

You are writing a blog post on technology but you are following a related blog. Obviously, you are doing wrong. You should follow technology blog sites. You will take easy steps and you will do a Google search.

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To grow a site you don’t need to follow only technology sites. Some topics are very related to every blog. Content to SEO this long route will apply to every blogger.

Every time a new blogger is starting his blogging journey.

Doing hard work, creating blog posts every day, doing marketing his blog but he is not getting the right results.

Because we know blogging takes time. After doing 6-7 months of hard work, the man is saying “Blogging is not for me/blogging is a very hard task/blogging is full of waste of time”.

Maybe you have been blogging many times, but you haven’t gotten any results. You are thinking of giving up.

Here is the twist. If you have the right resources, you will definitely be successful.

Blogs that you should follow

Here you will get blogging resources, some blogging, and some affiliate marketing.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

Here are all of the legends and your question (How Do You Find Blogs to Follow) they can easily solve.

I have followed all of them for a long time and I have learned so many things regarding my blogging journey.

Very fast I will recommend you to follow Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is a legend of blogging and marketing. A full resource of blogging to marketing (digital marketing). It’s time to categorize all blogs that you should follow.

Blogging Resources

Here is the blogging resources blog site list. A highly recommended blog site list that can really help you with your new blogging journey.

Your question about how you find blogs to follow is going to be solved.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

Check them one by one and you will get a treasure to grow your site easily.

  1. Pro Blogger
  2. Making sense of cents
  3. Shout me loud
  4. Fat Stack Blog
  5. Believe in a budget
  6. Master Blogging

Here are only six blog sites. You may think these are not all, I agree but for you, these six blog sites can change your blogging journey strategy.

We watch or observe so many blog sites every day. Only a few of them create a great impact on our journey.

Here all the sites will create a different impact on your journey. Not only check these sites but also learn something new to create differently.

SEO blog sites

Here are the best SEO blog sites. Every newbie blogger feels like giving up only for lack of SEO knowledge. You are in the right place to clear your SEO fear.

An all-pain solver list for how you find blogs to follow.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
  1. Backlinko
  2. Matthew Woodward
  3. Moz
  4. Ahrefs Blog
  5. Hobo SEO Consultancy
  6. Semrush Blog

Do you believe in overnight success? I know this is an awkward question. But these blog sites can change your SEO thinking process overnight.

I am not cracking jokes. When you check all of these sites. You will know the difference.

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All of the great SEO blog sites are here. I have learned so many new SEO strategies from these SEO blog sites.

Your blog traffic and your blog backlinks are waiting to increase their number.

Affiliate Marketing blog sites

Affiliate marketing is best who are willing to make more and more money.

By answering your question (how do you find blogs to follow), I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

You can’t make an imagination how much money you can make from affiliate marketing.

  1. The Smart Passive Income Blog
  2. Peng Joon
  3. Affiliate Marketing Blog
  4. Finch Sells
  5. Front Page
  6. Affiliate Doctors

You will get all the pro tips from these affiliate blog sites. Here are those affiliate marketers who have burned their hands on computer keyboards.

You don’t need to wait for a long time to sell your products or affiliate sales.

Affiliate is all about winning a trust game. If you can win your customer’s trust you can sell anything.

Through these sites, you can learn how you can do this perfectly.

They have shared their own strategy on this site. You can learn and you can do it.

Digital Marketing blog sites

Digital marketing growing more and more. Some digital marketers are doing well. Even if you are willing to do well maybe you have a lack of resources.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

That’s why we have listed here the best six digital marketing blog sites.

If you take a close look at these six blog sites then you don’t need to worry about how you find blogs to follow.

Most people think we can only learn digital marketing by taking courses. Here is the perfect example of a blog site. I am learning digital marketing and I am following these sites.

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Because I want to do my digital marketing tasks like a professional digital marketer.

So, I have started pro digital marketers. If you want to do the same then you can follow.

Are you stuck with your entrepreneur journey, you should check out Kamyar Shah’s Personalized One-to-One Entrepreneur Coaching Program. Where you can learn everything about why you are feeling stuck and what you need to do.

Copywriting Blog sites

Every blogger should check these sites. You have written a blog but the problem is your content results show a plagiarism warning.

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

Your problems can be solved from here easily if you learn how to do copywriting.

Copywriting is not a hard task just you have to take care of your words. How to change the words and how to write content that will be 100% unique and your customers will click on your link.

How many attractions are created in the blog post of your headline that will prove your copywriting Skills?

Your site will get more and more clicks and your Google results will increase.

This skill can solve your problems. Especially this is recommended for newbies.

Social Media Marketing Blog sites

We can’t ignore social media. We are interconnected with social media networks. Can you check, you many times you have checked your social media accounts in a day?

How Do You Find Blogs to Follow
How Do You Find Blogs to Follow

We always social media for a newbie because we know if you use social media for traffic then you can easily get your new website traffic.

For this, you don’t need to spend much time.

Social Media skills can improve your communication skills. You are learning a new but you are doing more than one new.

Not for increasing the number of new blog traffic.

Many people are willing to do social media marketing courses. You don’t need to take/purchase courses to improve your social media marketing skills.

Check all the blogs carefully and you will think about why I have prohibited you not to purchasing courses on social media marketing.


We have answered your questions (how do you find blogs to follow). It’s your turn to take action on how you find blogs to follow.

What do you want to be? Blogger, affiliate marketer, SEO specialist, digital marketer, Social media marketer, copywriter, or something else.

I don’t know what you want to be. But if you want good resources for your growing knowledge then you should follow these listed blogs that I have done.

You can increase your blog’s overall growth. Your blog will be more popular than your competitors. We are not finished yet. Bloggers will love to create links with your blog site.

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

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