Boost your Passive Income 10 Affiliate Programs that Can Help

boost your passive income 10 affiliate programs

Billionaires don’t become what they are by constantly being on the grind. While you are trying to get more done to increase your income and thereby cut on your sleep, Jeff Bezos sleeps for 8 hours.

Jeff believes the key to being productive is sleeping well, and he can sleep well because his money works for him and not the other way around.

Nope. You don’t need to be a billionaire to have your money work for you. You only need the correct information. Kind of like the information you are going to be getting here.

And what we have for you is to work with companies with affiliate programs that pay a high commission.

Choosing the right online affiliate marketing program might confuse you.

Take a cup of coffee, you are going to learn to boost your passive income through 10 affiliate programs.

Let’s go…

Not to worry, we have the best marketing affiliate program for you. Okay, we lied. We have 10 of the best programs for you. Read through and make your choice.

You will reap massive rewards no matter your favorite out of these 10. Here we go.

Why We Used Programs and Not Networks

A program is where the brand plays an active role in affiliate marketing by managing it by them.

On the other hand, a network consists of people who get products from multiple brands and work with the affiliate marketer.

The people in that network play the middleman role between the brand and the marketing allies.

Whether network or programs, businesses spent about $6.82 billion on affiliate marketing in 2020, only in the United States.

Do you know why it’s even more shocking? They did this in a year when world finances were nosedived because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So, this is your opportunity to get a slice of the affiliate pie.

Boost your passive income 10 affiliate programs

boost your passive income 10 affiliate programs

10 Affiliate Programs That Pay High Commission

Not only will these ten affiliate programs, but you will also discover many affiliate programs when you will learn how to do affiliate marketing correctly.

Most newbies come to do affiliate marketing, but in the end, they give up.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick-earning system, and you have to put in hard work and patience.

But after getting affiliate sales, you don’t need to step back.

For a quick learner, you can read from here. How much time will it take to be successful in affiliate marketing and what affiliate marketing is, and how does it work.

Let’s discuss the ten affiliate marketing programs to boost your passive income. You and I don’t know which one will be suitable for you or not.

So, without skipping any affiliate program, let’s see them.


Refersion software is excellent for online business brands that love to manage their affiliate programs. The best part is that it allows businesses to transform customers into marketers.

Also, it’s easy for merchants to check the conversion rate of a specific period by checking out the click-through rate of their business.

For marketers, this platform offers juicy rewards and benefits. You get 15% of the registration cost of the people you refer.

Now, you don’t need to go to extreme levels of guiding as you have a cookie duration of up to 2 years, depending on your choice.


SEMrush is a one-stop-shop for SEO specialists and folks into online advertising with over 40 digital marketing tools. It is one of the tools the team at use.

As an affiliate, you are in for a world of exciting passive income with SEMrush. You get to make $200 if you refer someone who subscribes.

Also, if the people you refer sign-up for a trial, that’s $10 for you, and if your referrals sign-up without a subscription or trial, it’s $0.01.

It’s popular among online advertisers that more than 7 million use SEMrush, so it is a product that can fetch you money.

In addition, with a cookie duration of 120 days.

boost your passive income 10 affiliate programs


If you want to join free affiliate programs, you have found one in GetResponse. This platform is ideal for you if you have a market-ready looking for a product to help with their online strategy.

When you sign up to refer GetResponse, you can make $100 for each sale you refer. Alternatively, you could also earn 33% of each person you referred to paid.

Favorably, it has a 120-day cookie duration.


Hubspot offers one of the best features for its marketing allies. In 2020 alone, they paid out handsome payouts as commission for their allies, with the median payout being $300.

You can make up to $1,000 each month. How? Hubspot offers different plans to clients. Some Hubspot products cost $50, and some cost over $3,000.

If their payouts aren’t massive enough, you also get to choose how you want to receive your commission.

You can opt for a flat rate or a repeating commission. Either way, you get a 90-day cookie length.


Fiverr also offers a free affiliate program, but it’s a conditionally free one as you have to have at least $100 in commission before you can withdraw.

Aside from that little snag, you can easily refer Fiverr to people as it is a top-rated marketplace for products and services.

As an ally advertiser to Fiverr, you earn depending on the product you sell, which puts your commission between $15 to $150.

However, it has a low 30-day cookie duration.

WP Engine

ShareASale hosts the WP Engine ally program, and as an affiliate marketer, you should be joining WP Engine.

The WP is a popular web host that hosts about 455 million websites and has numerous products you can refer to clients.

There are even options for bonus payouts if you can get a minimum of 5 referrals monthly.

You can sell hosting plans and StudioPress with hosting plans providing you with a minimum of $200.

For persons you refer to the StudioPress themes, you make about 35% of their purchase. However, you don’t get paid when your referrals upgrade their plans or get add-ons.

Sprout Social

This platform is excellent for businesses that want to improve their social media standings.

Companies can connect with customers through social media analysis, in-depth listening, and management.

Affiliates can make a decent sum from Sprout Social, and you can get $75 and an additional 15% for about six months of referral. Also, there is a 60-day cookie length.


The world has become a smaller place through the internet, and people have leveraged the internet to open online stores.

AliExpress is one such store, and it has witnessed a rise in popularity.

Through AliDropship, you can make money from AliExpress. You can refer to e-commerce stores and their add-ons to people.

It has a commission rate of 50% of your referrals with a 30-day cookie period.

To refer to to people is easy. They are an excellent fit for small businesses, and with the number of small businesses in the world, you are sure to earn a good commission from a successful referral.

There is a small catch to working for If you don’t make at least $300 per month in commission, they can expel you.

On the upside, if a referral buys Wix Premium, you can make $100.

Another downside is that you can earn from Wix special sales, and they have a short 30-day cookie period.


BigCommerce is one of the unique platforms you can join. Your referrals don’t need to make the final purchase before earning a commission.

BigCommerce will reward you with $40 for generating a specific kind of lead which they call the enterprise lead. Also, they will pay you for about 20 leads monthly.

If you make a referral for their enterprise plan and such referral buys the program, you will get about 200% of the referral’s initial monthly payment.

From that one enterprise referral, you can make about $1,500. Plus, the 90-day cookie period is graceful too.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a company that sells gold and silver bullion to customers looking to invest in precious metals.

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program allows people to earn commissions by referring customers to Augusta Precious Metals. 

The Augusta partner program provides its affiliates with all the tools and support needed to promote Augusta Precious Metals. 

Affiliates receive their own unique affiliate link to share. When someone clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase with Augusta, the affiliate earns a commission. Commissions are paid out on all referred sales for the lifetime of the customer.

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program provides an excellent opportunity to earn commissions recurring commissions in the precious metals niche. The company handles fulfillment and support, while affiliates focus on promoting Augusta Precious Metals and its products through content, outreach, and other marketing tactics. The program has competitive commission rates and dedicated affiliate support.

The minimum investment threshold for any investor is $50 000 which means that you as an affiliate will get a minimum of $5000 per each sale you make (you get 10% off every sale, regardless of the amount. You also get $200 per qualified lead).

How to close your first affiliate marketing sale

You have joined the affiliate marketing program and are waiting for the sale, and this will not work. To make passive income, you have first to put in some effort.

Before you start your affiliate marketing, there are some steps you should follow.

Select a Niche

Selecting a niche is vital. When you choose a niche, you know the niche, or you have some experience. When you share your thoughts with your audience, you are eligible to get a response.

Through this response, you can sell your affiliate product to your audience.

For example, you are passionate about digital marketing, and obviously, you will promote digital products.

Investigate affiliate programs

Investigating an affiliate program will open you to many resources and information. Using data will get more trust and then sell, and investigation allows you to utilize the network.

When you explore an affiliate program, you will be clear about your commission and scope.

Create a website

Create a website to showcase your product. You can also write blog posts, and blog posts will help you get more traffic to your site.

The more you will get traffic, the more you will get sales.

There are not only blog posts but also so many things you can do with your website when you are doing affiliate marketing.

Build an audience

Your audience is your power. Building an audience takes time, but it will be easy for you if you are consistent with your task. For a beginner, Facebook is the best option.

You have selected a beauty product, choosing a digital marketing audience. Is there any value for your mission? No way.

So, whenever you build an audience, make sure they are interested in your product.


I don’t know if you have read all the programs or skipped them. It’s up to you.

We talked about the ten best affiliate programs to boost passive income. Significantly, if you are a beginner, this post will help you more.

You can get your 8 hours like Jeff Bezos when planning your finances right. These programs will help you make an impressive amount of passive income.

Try one, refer, and get paid. Maybe you are dealing with or willing to do it later, but my Brother, time will go by and never stop for you.

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