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make money online without investment

Earn money online without investment

Making money online is not a difficult task. When we talk about Earning money online without investment, the first thing that comes to our mind is “How is it possible?” This question is not for you, I had the same question when I was new online.

But now I feel it is not as hard work as we think. First, we need a mindset. Without a proper system, you cannot do this. In your proper system, mindset is the most important factor. If you believe you can. If you are doubting then everything is impossible.

Never forget, that your investment is zero. So, you have to learn more and more. For this, I will recommend you use the Let’s talk blog.

Today I want to share with you a proper system that will be absolutely free. No need to invest money. All you need is a mindset, a laptop/computer, and an internet connection. If you are trying to make money then a laptop/computer is a must.

Without delay let’s start. If you are thinking of doing this work from your smartphone, then later you will know why you need a laptop/computer.


It is very important. When you get something or make something, the fact that you have worked in your mind before. Your imagination is your power. If you do something better in your mind then the result will be out of your mind.

Make a path where you want to go and then take steps to fulfill that purpose. Be a thinker, not a thinker. Most people think big but you don’t find them in your area when we talk of action. Don’t be one of them.

You are here because there is a question in your mind “How to make money online without investment?” And you need an answer to that question. You must be thinking a lot about “how to make money online without investment”.

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One of the main reasons, is you don’t have much money in the current situation. Or maybe you want to earn money online without investment but you don’t want to invest. There are many such reasons.

The real fact is that you want to make this possible because you have discovered it and you are just reading this post. So first make up your mind that you can do this. You may face any problem to make this possible. Make up your mind and let’s do it together.

Earn money online without investment

I will share with you the resources you need to accomplish this task. The method I want to share with you is affiliate marketing with a blog. So let’s set up the blog first. Here you are probably thinking that you have to pay for hosting and domain.

No man, it’ll be free. Not for Affiliate Marketing, you can also set up your blog using this strategy.

How to set up a blog for free

It’s time to start your journey. Are you ready? let’s go…

Open your browser and type “https://infinityfree.net/” or you can click here. You will be redirected to the infinite free home page which will provide you free hosting with the domain. When you are on that homepage, scroll down and you will see the “Sign Up” button.

earn money online without investment
Earn money online without investment

Sign up with your Gmail and get your free hosting and domain. Set the password that you will need in the next step.

make money online without investmentnt
Earn money online without investment

Enter your details carefully and hit on Create New Account button. You will get a new email from Infinity Free. Open your Gmail and verify your Gmail.

A new window will pop up before Infinite Comes, and here you can see it. If you have entered your details wrong then you can correct them or you can resend your confirmation mail if you have not received the mail.

I’ve confirmed my email, now it’s your turn. Do it and move on to the next step.

make money online without investmentnt
बिना निवेश के ऑनलाइन पैसा कमाएं

When you confirm yours, you can see the success message from Infinite Free. From here you have to find your domain name. In the domain selection section, you can see the extension. (infinityfree.com, epizy.com, even more)

After typing your domain name, select the extension and press Enter. If a domain name is available then you can see the same message as below.

Make money online without investmentnt 6 1
earn money online without investment

In my case, I have chosen the infinityfreeapp.com extension. manaffil.infinityfreeapp.com is available so I got this message. You are on the free plan so the last extension is mandatory.

If you have a blog site on Blogger then you can see the extension which is .blogspot.com. I have chosen Infinity Free because here you are getting Domina and Hosting for free. More hosting is necessary to set up a WordPress domain. (Earn money online without investment)

So what’s the next step? “Earn money online without investment”

When you click on Create Account button you will be redirected to the next page. If you don’t know what kind of message they are conveying you can follow the screenshot.

make money online without investment
earn money online without investment

Simply click “Open Control Panel” to start domain pointing. You can click “View in the Customer Area” to view your information. Let’s see how to install WordPress on your hosting.

make money online without investment
earn money online without investment

After you click on Open Control Panel, you can see this type of message, click on “I Approve” to proceed and set all. Scroll down and you will see Softaculous Apps Installer in your CP area. Click on it.

infinityfree control panel dashbord
earn money online without investment

This is the last step in installing WordPress on your hosting. Let’s do it. You can see a window like this after clicking on Softaculous Apps Installer. (Earn money online without investment)

make money online without investment
earn money online without investment

You can see an install button when you hover over the WordPress logo, click on it and input your domain details including admin username and password, choose the language, and hit the install button. Boom. Your WordPress has been installed.

On your address bar, type the domain name that you have installed WordPress in. It’s like “manaffil.infinityfreeapp.com/wp-admin/”. Input your username and password that you have used for a WordPress installation.

Your WordPress dashboard will open before your eyes. It’s time to install a good theme. To install a theme, hover your mouse over Appearance and then Theme. Click on the Theme button and the Theme Dashboard will open. Click Add New.

wordpress theme installation
earn money online without investment

In my case, I’m going to choose the blocky theme because I love this theme. You can choose another if you want. this is up to you. Install your favorite and activate the theme.

Now you have your blog and it’s time to create a strategy to earn money online without investment. If you know how to get free traffic then it will be God’s gift to you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, we’ll make it together. But before creating a traffic source, we have to create a source of money. In this blog, the source of money will be Affiliate Marketing.

The affiliate platform is Digistore24. First of all, we are going to create an account on Digistore24. Let’s do it…

How to create an account on Digistore24?

You can easily create your Digistore24 account. This is handy if you face any issue that will be your browser issue.

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You can create a ClickBank account if you wish but we will talk about that later.

How to create a traffic source

Now you have your own blog and affiliate account. But without a traffic source, you cannot earn money from your blog. Creating a traffic source takes time but it isn’t hard. You need to invest your knowledge and time in sharing the benefits of the product you choose.

I’m going to build this with Pinterest and Quora. I love that platform because the traffic you will get is really valuable and trustworthy. This is the main reason I have chosen.

Quora for free traffic source

This is mind-blowing. Quora gets 50 million+ organic searches every month. If you get less traffic from Quora then the total traffic of your site will increase. Because you will use Quora daily and for that, if you share value then traffic volume will automatically increase.

You have to choose the topic on which you want to discuss on Quora. I suggest you choose at least 3 topics with sub-categories. Start answering questions. When you start answering you can see that many questions are coming to you. Just do it with consistency.

Earning money online without investment sounds crazy but when you do something with consistency you will see your growth. People always say that first out of pocket and then earn. But I think you can do it when you have a good strategy.

You shouldn’t do this on Quora

  1. Share links frequently
  2. so many links in one post
  3. Always looking for money rather than value
  4. Always sharing affiliate links
  5. very short answer
  6. don’t work with consistency

If you keep in mind what you don’t need to do and what you need to do then anyone can stop you from creating traffic sources on Quora.

Pinterest for Free Traffic Sources

Hey! Check out this screenshot shared by me, 478 million+ monthly active users on Pinterest. Amazing isn’t it? Now you can visualize your traffic scope on Pinterest. The most interesting thing is that most of the 50% of the users are from the USA. This is highly valuable traffic and you need it.

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In this post, I am not sharing much about Pinterest. You will get all the data you need to earn money online without investment. Follow all the instructions that I have shared on that post hope you will get your value.

If you want more traffic then you should follow this.

Try this if you are a beginner

The most common problem I often hear of is product selection. Most people choose High Commission Products. If a product has a high commission the competition will be very competitive. But the problem is that you are just starting out.

To be a beginner you don’t have to go to the competition, you need to do something different. Your path to success will be cleared when you are not in the competition. The more crowded, the more competitive your competition will be. “Earn money online without investment”

To get a low commission, most people do not choose that type of product. How to make money online without investment If this is your question then you should do what I am saying.

A somewhat less competitive product for starters

  1. law of attraction
  2. battery recovery
  3. Legendary Marketer’s Club
  4. traffic Rolodex
  5. and many more+

To get some less competing products. Keep your eyes on the platform whose products you’re promoting. Learn about all the basics for those products before you start promoting because you can easily answer them if someone has a question to ask.

All the work I need to share is where you can get the answer of “Earn money online without investment”. Now it’s your turn to make it happen. All you have to do is write blog posts on your site and share them with your audience.


The first thing I want is consistency. You can’t get any success without consistency. Whatever you are doing, you need to do it with consistency. When you do this your overall growth will not on its own suddenly but surely increase.

We are very responsible for your results. The results come from your acetone. Try something new and different to get some new results differently.

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

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