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Pinterest is a visual discovery engine. This platform provides you ideas and styles based on images. But the question is, can we make money from Pinterest affiliate marketing?

There are many questions like how to use Pinterest for money?, is possible to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing? And many more. The short answer is yes, you can.

If you don’t know how affiliate marketing works then read here.

You’re here, which means I don’t need to show you how to create a Pinterest account. You just need to focus, if your account is business then it is a plus point. If you haven’t, do so first.

You can easily do this from the Settings menu. have you done it? Let’s move on…

There are many potential buyers on Pinterest and you can do it easily (Pinterest affiliate marketing). First of all, you need to know how Pinterest Affiliate Marketing works?

Pinterest affiliate marketing how does it works?

When you recommend a product to your florists on Pinterest and they will buy your product. It’s just not what they will buy. For this, you need to gain trust.

Knowing your florist’s pain point and trying to solve that purchase, recommending a product, will increase the chances that they will buy. Then, you have flowers, you’re recommending products and they’re buying.

You will get a commission when they make a purchase with your link. Here they do not have to pay extra and it will not harm them. That’s all. Isn’t that good? Wait we are at the starting point, advance is coming. read on.

Pinterest but how to earn money?

When we talk about making money online then one thing knocks on the door of our mind “niche”. There are no changes here. First of all, you have to choose your niche.

I’m not talking about you choosing a high-commission niche. If you do multiple sales, the commission graph will easily increase. So how do choose a place on Pinterest?

According to research, 76.3% of women and 15.3% of men use Pinterest.

If you take a look at the color box you should choose a women-based place. It is not mandatory, always give first priority to your passion.

But women-based product brings you easy money. Because they use it more than men. Let’s take a look at choosing a niche…

pinterest affiliate marketing

I’ve discovered skincare and you can get the results. Skincare Routine, Skincare Tips, etc. So in this way you can easily choose your niche. Don’t look at my monthly views and followers, this is my dummy account.

Profile and Content optimization

Pinterest profile optimization is an important part of making sure your profile is set up in the rankings.

Before doing anything else here, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Having a customized profile saves you a lot of time fixing things on the road.

Enable rich pins

Unless you have claimed your website properly and the metadata in your posts is correct, your Pins will appear as “Rich Pins”.

These were separated by formatting – rich pins would be boldly displayed and pin details usually had the ability to show recipes where they were.

Now, there are also separate buttons to pin. You can tell the rich pin from the buttons displayed on the pin – the rich pin will say “read this” or “this” when everything else shows “view.”

If your PINs still don’t appear correctly after you’ve verified your sites, try running your PINs through the verifier. If it returns an error, you may need to work with your web host or contact Pinterest for additional support.

(Most of the time I get into this issue, it becomes a problem towards their end.)

The profile will include keywords

In a new profile like this, you usually shouldn’t see too many things. (The only reason I’m here is that it’s an e-commerce site, so they’re relevant to the products.)

You’ll want to include up to three keywords in the bar above, including a few topics.

Here, I have also included some keywords in my profile name. This can help people who are following them by keywords through profiles on Pinar.

Pin description and Board name will be attractive

It’s easy to start pinning what your audience will love.

However, it is important to have a relevant, keyword-rich board name and description. The same goes for Pin and Repin. Make sure your own Pin description contains the correct keywords and that it accurately represents your content.

Again, look for high-quality, relevant descriptions that match your keywords and content. If the content is great, update the pin details where you don’t want it!

Always keep your eyes on the Board

Pinterest can help users navigate your boards, especially if you have a wide range of topics, so how your content space isn’t affected when creating sections within a board.

Categories are especially effective if you run group boards.

Try not to delete the Board

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a while and want to get started with some boards, don’t delete them! You will lose all followers as well as any access to that content.

Store your board instead of removing or hiding it. This ensures that you retain those followers and can still reach them even if they save the URL. Plus, it’s hidden from your profile and search results, so you don’t have to worry about spoofing your profile.

Know you audience

Knowing the audience is the best way to earn money online. How can you recommend a product to your audience if you don’t know why and what the problem is?

You have a fever and have made an appointment with a cardiologist. Isn’t this silly? Recommend a product to your audience without letting them know, like throwing stones in the dark. (Pinterest Affiliate Marketing)

But if you go to a doctor who is known as a fever doctor, he will give you the right medicine. The same things you want to do on Pinterest?

Now the question is how to know the pain point? Just go for Quora and type your niche.

skin care question search

The result is in your sight. There are lots of questions. You can easily find out the problem of your audience and if you do some optimization on the search then you will get your complete data.

If you are not clear about niche selection yet then you should check this post.

Now it’s time to go for problem-solving products. You have to find the right product which will solve the problem of your audience. If you get this. recommend them.

Sometimes some products do not have an affiliate program. This is right. Focus only on how you can solve your audience’s problem. (Pinterest Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing guidelines on Pinterest?

Before you start promoting the product, you need to know the guidelines. If you know the directions then you don’t need to worry about the account. In today’s life, everyone wants to choose a place of health and fitness just because of commission.

Know the directions

Take a look at the screenshots, here are the guidelines for Pinterest.

guidelines for health and fitness

Tier III are medical device implant products, used for life support and not allowed on Pinterest. Interestingly, 10% of medical devices are in this category.

It’s time to take a look at weight loss products and you have to keep that in your mind.

weight loss product on pinterest

There are some products that you should not choose and that you cannot do on Pinterest (Pinterest Affiliate Marketing). I am sharing this because I want your success, not your failure. Guidelines are very important to start affiliate marketing on any platform.

different products that you can't promote on pinterest

If you focus on this image you can see that number 2 is clickbait. Clickbank is a text or thumbnail link, its main purpose is to attract visitors. So they will click on that and you will redirect to their action page and that’s it. (Pinterest Affiliate Marketing)

Pinterest hates it because visitors/customers don’t know why. If your visitors know what is in your post and why it will be clear in their minds to take action. But when you are using clickbait, they will be attracted or confused. Pinterest hates this a lot.

why pinterest hates clickbait screenshot

Hope you are clear from this screenshot. Hey are you still here, let’s close the directions. But what about the county?

Some platforms are not allowed to run ads/promote products and Pinterest has this guideline as well. let’s take a look…

pinterest ads not allowed for those country
Pinterest affiliate marketing

There are so many guidelines and I have covered them all, if you don’t pay attention to them your account will be blocked for 24 hours to 2 weeks. And now it’s time to see what to do.

things you need to do for success on pinterest
Pinterest affiliate marketing

We have learned all the guidelines on what to do. Now the question is how.

How to Build an Audience on Pinterest

Let’s see how you can build your audience.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Best Part:

Growing your audience on Pinterest is much easier than on a simple platform. Even if there is no audience, you will slowly start gaining followers by pinning people’s favorite content. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

You can add pictures or comments to the Pin – but I’ve found that if you have more to do, your time is better elsewhere.

Or, Attract Other Pinterest Marketer Visitors

One of the best ways to get started with a new account on Pinterest is by joining a group board, even if they don’t have many followers.

That way, you gain an audience without building anything from the ground up. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Group boards have generally endured quality over the years. However…

Find the right group board and you are on the jackpot.

Look for things like:

Pinar followers ratio (you'll want more followers)
How relevant the content is
Search for the keywords you choose and make sure the board is highly relevant
The quality of the other pinners on the group board list
Whether open-invite or not (open-invitation boards can be spammy)
Content quality guidelines

Pins for more visitors

Once you have more followers, you can invite people to collaborate with you. (If you don’t have a lot of pineapples, you’re unlikely to get them.)

This will put your board in front of more people appearing on their profiles.

Companies can remove your content even if you don’t have many followers. If you have a blog post or review that mentions them, share it with them!

Either email them or mention it in a message on Pinterest. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

How can I make money on Pinterest without a website?

Doing affiliate marketing without a site feels like a shoe without a shoe. You can wear shoes without shoes, you can even walk but you can’t go a long way.

So it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, but in this way, you will be able to earn only a few bucks. So it does. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Also, check Amazon affiliate marketing without a website

You can say direct affiliate marketing. Here you will directly paste your Affiliate Link. First, make an attractive pin.

Add image, title, description, and destination link. Let’s do it visually. I’m going to share this with an Amazon colleague. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Log in to your account and search for your topic. I’m going to do it with skin care.

amazon affiliate marketing without site
amazon affiliate marketing without website
how to get amazon affiliate link

We will now copy the affiliate link, title, and description to Pinterest. At the top, you will see the Get link click on it and you will see the short URL and the long URL.

You can also choose the Image and Text + Image link options. Select the text link for Pinterest and copy it for the Pinterest destination link. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

If you want, you can download the image or design the image. Pinterest pin size is 1000x1500px. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

how to pin on pinterest

Have you seen the #ads option in the description option? Remember I told you about Clickbait and you can’t use it. This is how I am telling my visitors and Pinterest that this is an ad.

In the destination link, you can see that I have directly pasted the affiliate link and you have to do the same. After that hit the publish button. just it.

You can see that I haven’t used any blog posts or landing pages. So, I don’t need a site and do you.

How can I make money on Pinterest a website?

How do I promote my products on Pinterest?

When it comes to pins. You must always be consistent. Create a pin that is relevant and well-designed. Don’t waste your time commenting on other people’s pins.

Use group boards and communicate with the people listed on those boards via email! But Pinterest’s social features have to go a long way before they can really become valuable for your time. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Give a clickable title with a complete description. Paste your blog post URL into the destination field. Visitors will click on your pin to read your post. If they find your post valuable, they will buy through your affiliate link.

A blog post for Pinterest affiliate marketing

This is the right way to do Affiliate Marketing. This way you can provide value and gain the trust of your business.

First, find out what your audience’s problem is and why. Find a solution that is real. Then start describing the problem in blog posts. Drive traffic from Pinterest. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

When someone started doing this traffic task. They always try to do it fast. However getting traffic from any platform is not an easy task. You have to wait and be patient.

When you share price stability they start trusting your post on you too. When you do so much research on a specific topic then you will get complete knowledge.

Now you have shared their problem and you know what their solution is. You just have to use it with a smart mind. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

what is a link

Take a look at the screenshot and you will see the link I marked. Give the correct solution by post and if any problem needs any product then recommend that product.

Recommend only products you believe in and have personally experienced. And you are clear that the product will solve their problems. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

But don’t use clickbait. Simply use links, don’t confuse them. Confused customers always trash traffic.

Note: Let them know that this is an affiliate link. Always be true

What you want to write in a blog post

Find the Gap and Fill the Gap: You want to write a post but someone has already. Now it’s your turn to create something new. Read that article and cover everything they didn’t cover.

Someone has written a blog in which there are 7 tips, make these tips on your post 10-12. Use infographics to technique them visually. Remember, a good teacher is always valuable. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

So the system is, to “inspire, provide actionable suggestions, teach them something new”.


Pinterest affiliate marketing is easy if you use female-based products. Try to choose a less competitive place. A product is valuable and a problem solver, but has no associated commission.

Don’t focus on commission, focus on how effectively you can solve your audience’s problem. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Focus on building trust. Trust helps your audience make decisions with ease. Be hungry for solutions to problems. Know what is trending now.

Go with passion. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing or something else to maintain consistency. (Pinterest affiliate marketing)

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

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