How to find your niche with profit in 2024

how to find your niche

Before solving how to find your niche, let’s talk about my niche story. When I was starting my blogging journey, there was no one to help me.

For that, I have used Facebook and Instagram friends but I have no results.

I have seen some YouTube videos but everyone is talking about the same strategy. If I had a place, I wouldn’t be interested.

I was looking for a place that would relate to my interest and I know that place.

Because, if I don’t know the niche, then how can I teach it to others. Knowing the niche is one of the best niches for everyone. You are writing that topic, you already know.

Every post should be easy and interesting. And that’s my point too. I was confused because I had done so much research.

As always one day I completed how to find your niche job and today I am going to share that. Hope you like it. Hey wait after doing this you have to boost the quality of your content.

How to find your niche

Have a cup of tea or coffee, and get some fresh air to open your mind. You can go for short walks. After doing this take pen and paper.

Open your laptop/computer. Visit and research the topics you know best. Click on the link and you will proceed to the main path.

how to find your niche
How to find your niche

Buzzsumo – How to find your niche

Buzzsumo is best for researching keywords and writing posts. This tool will show you all social engagements including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

When you are writing a post, it is important to know whether the audience will like your post or not? They will tell you how your post will go on social media.

And it is a better option for novices.

You are confused about how to find your niche and you obviously searched it on Google but before looking on buzzsumo.

Here you have to check the article publish tab. Suppose you have a topic and already have huge published articles in your subject then you have to struggle so much with start-intermediate. I think this is not a good option.

Write your interesting topic in your paper. Take a look and cut out some irrelevant topics. If you’re confused, take a break.

Convert your entire topic into 3 topics. You had 8 subjects and now you have 3 subjects. Obvious?

Now paste your 3 themes on Buzzsumo and see who has the following article. How to find your niche is a lot.

Semrush – How to find your niche

how to find your niche, semrush
How to find your niche

Not only do keyword research but also select the topic you want to write about. Semrush is an amazing tool that you can use for free keyword research.

It allows you to get the right keywords. I like this tool the most because this tool is user-friendly and easy to use.

Sign up for Semrush, I am not asking you to take the paid version. If you have a money problem then you can use this tool for free. Free access offers you up to 10 questions, if you are a beginner then 10 searches are perfect for you.

After signing up, click on Keyword Magic Tool and type your favorite topic out of those 3 topics, if you want to discover more, you can.

Filter for volume, KD (keyword difficulty), and CPC (cost per click). Set KD for easy and CPC 0.5-15. When you do this, you have the right subject matter and a clear mind.

Now you can think about what and how you need to write.

Identify problems you can solve

With a list of 3 topics in hand or you can expand, it’s time to narrow down your options. Every subject in the world has problems.

Find out the problems your subjects can solve or determine how you can actually solve those problems. In this way, you can easily get a profitable topic.

You will have many problems with Quora. So open Quora and hit search for your list of topics. You will find a lot of problems that have already been converted into question mode.

Check your potential query and use buzzsumo to scope the article. And start doing your best work.

Thinking – How to find your niche

how to find your niche, thinking
How to find your niche

The best way to choose a topic is to think. There is a reason when you go to buy shirts, of course, you will choose what you like not others.

You love certain things and the world needs them. It’s a mission.

You are good at something and you love it and you don’t pay for it which would be considered passion.

You are good at it and you have paid for it which is called your profession/job.

The world needs it and you paid for it, you’re good at it, we’ll call this business. Choose a topic you love, are good at, need an audience, and get paid.

Suppose you are searching for how to find your niche. There are lots of filters you can use for your new blog topic. Have you imagined they are sharing their method? You can also use your own method.

I know you are new but you are a genius. You don’t need that much talent, just some strategy. Hope you still have those topics which you have written in your paper.

In those subjects, all I know are your best subjects. And you’re not going to blog for all of us. You only need one. Now cut 2 topics out of 3 and now you have only one topic.

This is a new blog topic or main keyword.

Let’s do some research for a new blog topic. The first thing to do after choosing a topic is to write a blog post that will appeal to your audience.

These 3 strategies will help you a lot in finding your niche. But if you overdo you will get overwhelmed and I don’t want to confuse you.

I have the same problem how do I find your niche I don’t want to give you the same feeling.

How to write a new blog

how to find your niche, how to write a new blog
How to find your niche

Novices are making a lot of mistakes. They choose high-volume keywords like me. Don’t do this because your new website doesn’t have authority (Google doesn’t know about your content, Google doesn’t trust your site).

Always post for low-volume keywords. Try to choose long-tail keywords, cause it’s just in the graph.

how to find your niche, competition vs conversion
How to find your niche

Single-word phrases

These are usually single-word keywords with lots of searches and competition. Examples of keywords are keywords such as “insurance” or “vitamins.”

Since the object of the search is everywhere (someone searching for “insurance” whether they are looking for a car insurance quote, a list of life insurance companies, or a definition of the term), the keywords usually convert pretty well. are not.

2-3 word phrases

Keywords are 2-3 word phrases that are found in the number of tariff searches (at least 2,000 searches per month) but are more specific than keywords.

Keywords that contain 2-3 words (image SEO, blog post) are examples of body keywords. These often have less competition than the main positions.

4+ word phrases

Long-tail keywords are long, 4+ word sentences that are usually very specific. Phrases such as “how to find your niche” and “how to write a blog post” are examples of long-tail keywords.

These words personally don’t get a lot of volume (usually around 10-200 searches per month). Longtails make the most of online searches when you put them together.

And since they don’t get searched for that many, long-tail words usually aren’t very competitive.

There are no “best” keyword categories to focus on. The opinion of all three is in his favor.

But when it comes to competition, long tails are usually less competitive than clumps.

That’s why I am asking you to choose long-tail keywords. When you have the authority and the audience likes your article then you can go for high-volume keywords.

But not for beginners.


In this how-to find your niche, I have discussed 4 points that are really helpful if you are facing problems with how to find your niche. It is easy to get to a problem but it is really hard to face that problem.

But if you use an idea in a calm environment, you can easily solve it. When it’s about blogging. You always have to come up with new ideas because audiences like me too.

If you are serious about your work and you have faith in your work then you can definitely do it. There are a lot of tasks to run a successful blog.

But doing this with consistency makes it easier. Hope we learned some new things from the way to find your niche. Have a great time.

Surya Biswas

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