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Who is James Spann?

James Spann weather blog: James Spann is an Alabama atmospheric scientist (US state) and his full name is James Max Spann Jr. James Spann saw the world’s light on June 6, 1956, in Huntsville. At birth, he is an American. Spann starts his career (1973) with a broadcast in Tuscaloosa at WTBC (radio station).

who is james spann

Everyone knows him as a Television meteorologist. He is awarded many times the Emmy award, NWA Broadcaster of the Year, AMS Award for Broadcast Meteorology, NATAS Silver Circle Award, Hon. LL.D. All of those awards are based on weather.

A simple man never grows like Spann and here you can easily know his experience of weather. Hope I have clear your question “Who is James Spann?”

James Spann and weather

James tries many times to show the bad side of global warming and global warming is man-made. But tries never works because companies mark global warming as a natural-made. This is the main reason.

As a radio broadcaster in the weather category, he never gives up. Constantly work for global warming and awaken people to the bad side of this. As you know, nobody is here to listen to your discussion if you are not entertaining people, and here happens the same.

As an atmospheric scientist, he knows the best about weather reports, and on the other side, he is a broadcaster in the weather category. So he decides to make a blog website to give free weather reports. James Spann weather blog creation and gaining trust in his blog didn’t take time.

Why James Spann weather blog?

James is a citizen of Alabama which is a seaside area. And of course, this type of area needs frequent weather updates. Previously James is a well-known weather reporter and a scientist. So, he takes priority to provide free weather reports like broadcasts.

You are willing to make a service product and that product’s demand on a huge scale. The chances will increase here. Here is another reason to make James Spann weather blog. The public has demand and if you have a product then your product will succeed easily.

In the market, if a product can solve the problem then that product attracts more customers. On the other side, blogging is open-source information and everyone can take the opportunity. Not only Alabama’s citizens but everyone can watch the weather report also.

So finally James makes a blog site in 2002 based on his state’s name.

James Spann weather blog beach forecast center

James Spann weather blog
James Spann weather blog

The main part of the James Spann weather blog is the forecast center. All the main center is focused on the bank of the sea area. You can see this in the screenshot that I have shared. The centers are Alabama Gulf Coast, Western Florida Panhandle, and Central Florida Panhandle.

All of this area is full of good population and well-developed. So, they are getting forecast to save their life. You are outside of Alabama and you are willing to go there because of the sea beach. What will you do? You will probably know the weather reports.

In the Alabama area, James Spann weather blog takes the first position on the internet. You decide on your Alabama area’s sea beach trip with the help of James’s blog.

Google position

google position of james weather blog
James Spann weather blog

When I searched for James Spann’s weather blog, Google has shown me the first results as James’s blog. But this site is ranking on different other keywords like Alabama’s weather, Alabama gulf coast weather, western Florida panhandle weather, central Florida panhandle weather, and so on.

Google has 200+ ranking factors to rank on Google’s first page. Especially when it comes to first results. Need a good authority site with a good backlinks profile. Backlinks from garbage or low-quality sites make no sense and need high quality.

You will approach your competitors or your relevant niche site owner to give you backlinks. What will they do? They will look at your article quality and then decide to give you backlinks if you have quality information then they do otherwise not.

backlinks of james spann weather blog

48 Domain authority with 2,264,913 backlinks is mindblowing results. On the other side, this side is 16 years old. So, Google find this site as a trusted site. I know you know the trust factor for ranking on Google.

James Spann weather blog ranking and traffic

The global rank of James’s blog is 174,580. For every 7 men in the world has one website and in this hard competition time, James raking on 174,580 numbers and that is good.

Like you, so many people are writing or working on the same niche but still, you are ranking. So, here you are doing something like James Spann.

Here are other ranking statistics…

similar web data for james blog
similar web data for james blog
James Spann weather blog ranking and traffic

Alexa rank of James Spann weather blog is 1,088,430. Per day pageviews of the alabamawx is 4.37K/ Day.

Earning reports

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Earning reports
James Spann weather blog

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earning reports
earning reports

But still, we don’t know the actual earning report of James Spann weather blog. After doing some filter tasks we have got this data.

James Spann weather blog revenue

We hope this is the minimum earning, they are using a banner ad and this banner is not based on Google. They are running their own ad platform. They are making much more.


Working on-site for 16 years is a really good amount of time. Today’s bloggers don’t have this kind of patience. A man who is a weather scientist and a radio broadcaster has done so many great jobs.

James Spann weather blog is an open-source weather report blog site. This blog site’s main target is Alabama state. They update weather reports frequently and have authority in great amounts.

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