Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website this question is asked in the Google Individual Qualification exam.

You are preparing for Google analytics individual qualification, or you are just willing to know this.

From where your website is getting traffic is the main topic of that question. Here is the answer.

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?

  1. Demographics
  2. Geo
  3. All Traffic
  4. Behavior

Answer: All Traffic

Open Google Analytics and follow the steps I have shown you below. I have also attached a screenshot for more clarification.

You can follow the steps Acquisition>All Traffic>Channels/Treemaps/Source/Medium/Referrals to access this part.

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website
Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website

Here I have marked all the points that can help you learn more. All Traffic option is under the Acquisition. Some of you can select Acquisition, but it’s wrong.

Demographics, Geo, and Behavior show your audience’s location and what they are doing when they are on your site. So, those can’t be the indication.

Apart from which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website, here is more information for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

For a website owner, this is not an exam. He should know from where he is getting traffic. It can be social media, referral links, organic, or direct.

Of these four sources, organic search is one of the best sources.

Indirectly, they depend on each other. One of your posts is shared on social media, and people are more interested in opening your post.

When they open your post, they land on your website.

On the other hand, your post is very informative. People, After reading your post, damn, my audience will consume more information from this post, and I think I need to link it with my related post.

Here you are getting natural backlinks. This will only happen when your post is full of information on a particular topic.

Sharing on social media is part of the promotional method. Doing promotion is not bad it’s good.

Without fanfare, you have to face a hard time getting into traffic. Most time, it’s called amateur blogging.

People love to read your blog. For this, some of your audience will come directly to your website.

They are just typing your URL on the browser address bar and arriving on your site.

It can’t help with ranking. But they are coming on your site through Google search; it can be a good signal for ranking.

Most of your posts rank on the search engine; your every command is valuable and informative; if you have written a very good about page, then you will be recognized.

Only at that time will people come to your site directly.

So, every part where you are getting traffic is essential, and focusing on one part of the traffic source can harm your site’s traffic and revenue.

Here are the Benefits of more traffic sources and converting them regularly

Your content makes your kingdom. Just writing content with no value, then why people will love your content.

To make it happen, you have to research more on the topic you want to write about.

Oh man, I don’t have much time to research a case. Brother, people also don’t have time to share your content or link with your content.

online research

They are searching for something specific and valuable that they can use as per their study.

You have written a mind-blowing article full of valuable information. Now share your content on social media. Everything is good, and people love to link and share.

You are attracting link creators to link with your content by doing this. Link-creators are who they are and link with you organically. They can save a lot of money.

Best platform to share your content

There are many platforms where you can share your content for free. You can check them from here.

When you continuously share your valuables on those platforms, you will start watching the results.

Not for one or two months; please do it for six months and compare your 1st day with your six-month results.

After doing this correctly, you don’t need to search for which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website.


Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website? We have already answered this question.

This question is based on Google Analytics; for a blogger or business to know how Google Analytics is beneficial for a website.

Digital marketing is booming right now, and google analytics is part of digital marketing.

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