What is meta description- Rich traffic 2024?

what is meta description

A meta description is HTML code used to summarize your content. Are you clear about what is meta description If not then you can say, the meta description is a short paragraph of your content that describes the benefits in front of your visitor.

Length of meta description

The meta description can be of any length, but Google usually cuts snippets down to ~155-160 characters.

Meta descriptions are kept at a sufficiently descriptive level, so we recommend a description between 50-160 characters.

One thing to note is to give an appropriate length of meta description which should be your primary goal.

As of 2017, Google will display 275 characters in the SERP. Therefore, your meta description tags must be up to 275 characters long.

Plain text example:

what is meta description, meta data
What is meta description

Code example:

what is meta description, code example
What is meta description

Purpose of meta description

Click and provide is the main key to the meta description. Imagine, someone is searching for how to get rid of a fever.

If you have given some solutions in the meta description then the chances will increase that visitors will click on your post.

Hope you understand my point, if you don’t give a meta description then the chances will be less that no one will click on your post.

The meta description is like the hook you are providing. But if you don’t take it seriously, then do it casually.

But don’t scam or joke with meta descriptions because the number one way is to get clicked after posting a meta description.

The meta description can increase or decrease your post’s rank. SEOs will know this line better but if you are not familiar with SEO then you can follow Searchical SEO.

How to write meta descriptions?

If you know what is meta description and what is the purpose of a meta description then you can easily write a meta description. Do it together.

Have you seen YouTube thumbnails? Nowadays some YouTubers are using different thumbnails according to their videos.

People are clicking on their hooks but inside their videos, they are providing some more information or any other entertainment.

You shouldn’t do this. Obviously, their customer experience will be very poor. But their customer experience will be the best if they provide the right information.

How to add a meta description to the WordPress website?

Like YouTube thumbnails, you have to provide accurate information that people really want to know. If you are confused about the meta description you can follow the image instructions.

meta data genarator, what is meta description
What is meta description?

Open Google search for metadata generator and click on the first result. A new window will open like this image. Give information about what they are asking for.

After providing the information scroll down and you will see the option of generate, just click on it. And you are set. (What is meta description)

You will get the HTML code, and copy and paste it under your head tag. This code will be the same for WordPress and Blogspot.

what is mete description in blogspot
What is meta description?

Without meta description

Suppose you forgot to provide a meta description in your post, what if? Search engines will pick up the first paragraph of your post and it doesn’t have to be correct.

This would be the worst. But if you give a meta description then the experience of the visitors will be better.

Why does meta description matter?

Meta descriptions have unique efforts to improve search engine optimization. The middle value of a meta description is:

The middle value is organic text advertising. As you know when someone runs Google ads, the search engine gives first priority to show them in the first result.

This means that Google and other search engines will show your post in the first place when you have ads, at that time search engines use meta descriptions to show a summary of your content.

did you get my point? This time you have the important benefits of a meta description.

An engaging meta description has the power to achieve higher click-through rates organically.

That is, many people will see your post, and many people will click on your post and come to your page. That means it’s a huge visitor…

How to add meta descriptions in WordPress?

Input meta description in WordPress website is quite easy. If you use Yoast or RankMath, you can easily enter meta descriptions.

In Rankmath, click on the Rankmath bar and you can see “Edit Snippet” long ago.

Click on it and a new window will open. In the description bar, write a valuable description that can convert visitors.

what is meta description for WordPress
What is meta description?

Keywords in the meta description

It is necessary to give keywords in the description. You’ve heard that don’t use keywords in metadata but visitors will be confused if you don’t put keywords in the metadata.

And we think that confused visitors will not come to your website.

So don’t confuse your visitors, try to give them better results. And of course, that would be great.

If someone says, don’t put your keywords in metadata, hope their intention is clear. And our intention is, first to understand why they are saying “Don’t input keywords in metadata”

Is it okay to not right the meta description?

While the general collusion would assume that engines are universally clever to write a good meta description rather than rake a given web page, this is not always the case.

Use this simple rule of thumb to determine if you need to enter your own meta description:

If you target another three high-volume keywords then you should write your meta description and one thing to note is that the meta description needs to target those keywords.

If you are targeting high traffic then you need to allow the meta description to populate itself.

Search engines have a clear intention of doing this. When the search engine has grouped one or more keywords together, the search engine always shows the keywords and surrounding phrases that the visitor is looking for.

If a webmaster writes a meta description in code on a page, what they choose to write may depend on the query to avoid it being of natural relevance in nature.

Do you know, that social sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc usually use page meta tags that are visible when they share their site.

By default, social sharing sites use the first paragraph of text as a meta description. The user experience will not be good for the first text.

Hey, are you clear about what is meta description and how to use it?

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