Top 8 SEO mistake and their easy solution

seo mistake

Thousands of sites are launching every day but only a few of them are getting a taste of the traffic. Blogging requires traffic to the site. This is not for those who are not submitting their site to Google.

Getting traffic is not easy, it requires a lot of conditions (SEO mistakes). Most of them are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO, and your site must match Google’s algorithms.

So it remains to be seen SEO mistakes and most of them are done by newbies. What are the most common SEO mistakes? We are going to discuss the most common SEO mistakes, so don’t worry.

If you’re doing one of those, fix them and taste the traffic.

SEO mistake 1: Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

seo mistake, mobile optimizing

Did you know that almost half of the web traffic covers mobile phones? In the third quarter of 2020, phones, including tablets, generated 50.81% of global web traffic.

Hope you got the power of mobile traffic. In such a situation, if you do not optimize your site according to mobile, then you are missing a lot of traffic. And it’s not fun if you’re serious about your sites.

How to fix

Now the real thing is how to fix this problem or how to make a site mobile-friendly? Do it together.

Site speed and design structure are the main points of mobile optimization. You have to choose a light-speed theme. Light Speed ​​theme has a very fast open rate. So if someone is visiting your site then your site will open first.

Why is the light speed needed? Site open rate is essential hence the light-speed theme. Enable (AMP) and upgrade your pop-ups for mobile phone devices.

seo mistake, rankmath

If you are using RankMath, you can easily enable AMP. To do this you can see the option of RankMath in the dashboard of your website.

Click on rank math then go to the module then you will see the AMP option just enable it. That’s all.

SEO mistake 2: Slow site speed

Visitors are trying to visit your site and if your site’s open rate is very slow then you will definitely hate your site. In such a situation, if your site is opening very quickly then people will like your site.

As you know, a good audience experience is essential for better SEO. Slow site speed affects SEO traffic and obviously, you have to earn SEO through hard work. If your page takes a long time to load, you will see a continuation failure.

How to fix

Copy your website URL and paste it on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. Check your site speed, you can see the performance of your site in front of your eyes.

seo mistake, site speed

Now if your site speed is worse then you have to fix your site speed. There are many reasons for the delay in your site speed.

In this case, your site needs optimization, including image size: I remember when I was a beginner, I thought I needed a high-quality image, but later I thought it was better to compress images to size. is required.

Many of their plugins are available to reduce the size of the image such as Smrush.. reSmush. This plugin also allows you to customize the images after upload, also this plugin will provide you a bulk option to customize your old images.

Page not found (404 error): Although some redirects are unnecessary, they will definitely speed up the service. Create a site audit of all internal URLs that generate redirects and correct them.

Site Coding: Please check the coding before installing the theme for your site. Javascript and CSS are the backbones of the lightweight and shortcode.

Also, check Citation building – Effective local SEO

Keep an eye on it. Those two languages ​​will compress your site and they will compress the long code of your site into the shortcode. Being short will help increase the speed of your site.

There are a lot of options for improving your site speed, they are for the advanced levels. First, cover these 3 fundamentals and then move on.

SEO mistake 3: Duplicate Content

If your site contains duplicate content then Google will impose a penalty on your site. There are two types of duplicate content and they are duplicate content on your site and duplicate content on other sites.

Someone is searching for a specific query and Google has started searching for exact results. Google will certainly be confused if your site and other sites have duplicate content regarding this query.

Google is confused and your ranking factors will be confused which means it is hard to rank.

I have described the matter in my own way and hope you understand my point. So if you remove the SEO mistake then you need to fix the problem.

How to fix

When it comes to fixing duplicate content, using a paraphrasing tool is one of the quickest ways to go. With a paraphraser, you can replace specific words in the text with suitable synonyms. These tools let you alter your content without changing the context and original intent.


As I told you earlier, there are two types of duplicate content. Let’s talk about how to find out if you have duplicate content or not.

Go to Search Console and change your Search Console to the older version.

In older versions, search for Appearance and click on it. Then click on HTML Improvement, if you have duplicate content on your site then you can see the duplicate listed there. Let’s fix it if you have.

Canonical URL

Use a canonical tag or canonical URL at the top of every post you create. This tag or URL will tell search engines which one should be shown in search results.

seo mistake, canonical tag

This will tell search engines that this is the preferred version of that particular content. If you have different duplicate content this tag will quickly tell search engines which one is your favorite.

Another option is using the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin uses the ‘rel=canonical’ tag in each post by default. Why are you waiting?

In the free version and the paid version, you have the ‘rel=canonical’ opportunity. To install Yoast SEO and prevent duplicate content.

Duplicate Content on Another Website

There are many ways to do this. But 3 ways are the most effective way to report it to their web host, reporting it to Google, using a cross-domain ‘rel=canonical’ tag.

You can follow the image instructions to use cross-domain. Moz report says 90% of the link juice, authority, and ranking signal will move the copied content to your site if you are using cross-domain canonical tags.

SEO mistake 4: Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

The main title of your content is what is called a title tag. If you are not using a title tag, Google may create a title tag and obviously, it will not be suitable for your audience.

On the other hand, the title tag is the first sentence which is always in bold and it tells the search engines what your content is about. So don’t skip this tag.

Another SEO mistake that is often missed by beginners is the meta description. A meta description is a short opportunity to describe what your content has to offer.

Call-to-action is a great way to increase the click-through rate. You can attract visitors by using CTA, it is not a problem whether they are on your post or not.

The thing is, are you looking for your post on the search bar. Click-throughs will increase if you use meta descriptions properly. So do not make this SEO mistake.

How to fix

Write a unique title for each post and the title must be catchy, include the keywords correctly, use emotional and strong words, and use numeric. Don’t keep your title too long, keep your title within 60-64 words.

To write a meta description, tell your audience about some of the benefits that you have already written about in your post. Use CTA (Call to Action).

Keyword surfing is a big SEO mistake, do not do this in the meta description tag. Be clear, use positive words, and make your description appeal to your audience.

SEO mistake 5: Low-text content

You have written well-narrated content and you have cleared all the confusion of your audience. But they have read your entire material in 2-3 minutes.

After reading they left. In this way, you are increasing the bounce-back rate and Google thinks that your post is not perfect for a particular keyword. And Google will start pushing your content down from the search results.

If you are writing less text content then the chances of duplicate meta description will increase.

So low text content will create two major problems first is the bounce back rate and the second is the duplicate meta description. To avoid this SEO mistake.

How to fix

Always keep your content to 1000-2000 words. Your post doesn’t need to be within 2000 words but you should not use less than 1000 words.

As I told you earlier, you can get rid of two problems (bounce-back rate, and duplicate mate description) if you do this.

SEO mistake 6: Don’t use an SEO plugin

By using the SEO plugin, you have many solutions like Keyword Surfing, Word Count, Link Management, Rich Tags (Images, Videos), Reading Ability, Meta Description, Keyword Count, etc.

Just imagine that you can easily get rid of those problems. Content design is very important when you are writing a post.

SEO plugin often tells you whether you have designed well or not. The most important advantage is that the SEO plugin will tell you about on-page SEO and this is very important when you are writing.

How to fix

The solution is simple. Just use an SEO plugin like Rankmath, Yoast SEO, etc. Create your account according to your SEO plugin and connect your site to the SEO plugin you want to use (SEO Plugin).

SEO mistake 7: Broken Images and Missing Alternative Texts

Images are important to your posts that you want to post or have already posted. Keywords in the image title. We often missed it.

Need a photo but are not able to locate that image then we will go for a screenshot and posting that image title or without including it is an SEO mistake.

If you think this is not an SEO mistake, you can open your images in a new tab and you will get the title of your image which is already there.

On the other hand, when Google comes to indexing your post, if you do not enter the title of your image before uploading, then Google will be confused about this image.

And as you know, don’t let Google confuse you.

How to fix

Always use alternative text and rename your image as per the need of the keyword. By default, your SEO plugin will automatically catch it if you make a mistake or skip that part.

Suppose you are reading a post and there is a link and when you are clicking on that link the page is saying “Not Found or 404 Error”.

Obviously not happy with that broken link. You might be interested in that post or have done multiple searches for that query. The real thing is a broken link that fuels audience dissatisfaction.

And no one wants to agree or be happy if his audience is not happy. For this reason, always remove broken links, and don’t let any person create broken links with your site.

If you are making that SEO mistake then you should remove it.

How to fix

Removing a broken link is not rocket science. It is very easy to do so. Let’s easily fix that SEO mistake.

We will have our first WordPress plugin called Broken Link Checker.

Broken Link Checker always looks for internal and external links, that are good or broken. Go to link checking options in settings and then go for link checker, you can check it here.

We will have our first WordPress plugin called Broken Link Checker.

If you have broken links this plugin will show you in a new tab of the WP admin panel. Open Tools in Admin Panel and you will see an option named Broken Links.

seo mistake, ahrefs broken link check

Another option is Ahrefs Tools. Open the Ahrefs website and scroll down. You will find some tools called free tools.

Click on Broken Link Checker paste the URL of your site and then click on Check Broken Links. Now you have the result before your eyes. Mark them and fix them.


Most of the problems I’ve described are made by novices. It can also be made intermediate. But when it comes to fixing SEO mistakes, we should focus on quality content and user engagement.

Sometimes we create keyword surfing and our content is met with bad user experiences. You need to buy an additional domain and hosting to practice SEO.

Practice there and come up with what works best for your site and then implement it on your main site.

The Google algorithm is not a human being. Algorithms can’t make mistakes, we can make mistakes. So practice and focus on quality, not quantity.

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