A complete review of its features and functionality review A complete review of 

its features and functionality

I have been a content marketer for 6 years. Analyzing the content, preparing blog posts, and promoting creative thinking to attract and engage customers are my key responsibilities. 

I always have to make sure that the content I’m delivering is unique, original, and has zero similarity index. In this effort, I have tried many plagiarism checker tools and invested a lot but nothing was as satisfying as

Its efficiency, accuracy, and affordability are all what I have been looking for for a long time. This AI tool is absolutely safe for users, offers deep plagiarism checking, and also provides the source and link for plagiarized content (if detected). 

Having a satisfactory interface with this incredible tool, I have decided to review it to let other writers, bloggers, or even students take advantage of this most accurate and affordable plagiarism checker online. 

A Brief Overview of is an AI-powered tool that works by comparing the provided text with the built-in vast databases (e-books, PDF files, journals, blogs, video transcripts, semantic datasets, etc.) and detects even a single copied sentence. 

In response, the tool highlights the plagiarized content as red and provides the percentage of unique and duplicate content. Moreover, it also prepares a detailed plagiarism report as a reference for the users. 

It prevents the user from maintaining content integrity, promoting personal and professional development, and credibility of research. 

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The accuracy of the tool is more than 90%, provides the source and link of the original site, and features the easiest-to-use interface. 

Technical Exceptionalities of

It features many technical qualities that make it the best plagiarism checker tool available online. One of its basic and most important features is its matchless accuracy of detecting the copied text within a matter of seconds. It can detect both:

  • Direct plagiarism: copying other’s words as it is 
  • Indirect plagiarism: summarizing or using another’s work without citing or linking the source as a reference 

Vast Databases 

Whether it is a journal, e-book, magazine, video transcript, blog, thesis, archive, pdf file, or online or offline document, the plagiarism checker online is capable of catching even a single sentence that matches the already published content. 

Source and Link for the Original Site 

The tool not only provides the percentage for clear-cut identification of the number of copied and unique sentences but also provides the source and link from where the text was taken. It is beneficial for users to locate the original content source easily. review 2

Generate Plagiarism Report 

For reference and proof (that is required by the users, especially students), the plagiarism checker online prepares a detailed downloadable and printable PDF report. 

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It may include the highlighted content (as unique or plagiarized), source, and link for the copied sentences one by one. review 1

Non-Technical Features of AI Plagiarism Checker 

Besides its technical specialties, there are a few of its user-friendly features that add to its worth and usability. 

  • Simplified User-Interface 

It does not require any technical expertise to deal with this plagiarism checker tool. Once you purchased the required plan, you will sign in to the account, paste the content, and download the plagiarism report. 

  • Privacy and Data Security 

The tool offers complete security and privacy to the user’s data and does not save or share any kind of information between users. 

  • Affordability 

The pricing plans offered by the AI plagiarism checker range between $5-$100, with varying word limits to make the tool an affordable choice for non-professionals including students. 

How does it Work?

Online plagiarism checker is extremely easy to use. As it is a paid tool, you need to buy a suitable package first, log in to the account, and then:

  1. Type or paste the content to be checked for plagiarism risk and choose the language of the text review 2 1
  1. Click on “Check Plagiarism”, and “Generate Report” to get the downloadable PDF file for reference or proof

Lastly, if the content is plagiarized, the tool will highlight it in red, by clicking on the highlighted text, you can get the source and link for the site from where the text was copied. review 3

Moreover, the tool offers to “Remove plagiarism” via its AI “Plagiarism Remover” tool which is well-known for altering the provided content, making it unique and plagiarism-free. 


Plagiarism Checker online offers the following 03 different pricing plans with varying word counts and other features so that the users can choose the one according to their needs. 

Features Starter ($5/month)Professional ($10/month)Agency ($100/month)
Suitable for Students Content writersCompanies 
Word count 10,000100,0001 Million 
Plagiarism report ✓ ✓ ✓ 
Deep plagiarism checking ✓ ✓ ✓  
Languages X✓ ✓ 
Accuracy of Results No difference or compromise in accuracy No difference or compromise in accuracy No difference or compromise in accuracy 


  • The most efficient, accurate, and affordable 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Features the most vast databases (online and offline)
  • Generates detailed plagiarism report in PDF format 
  • Offers to remove plagiarism free of cost 
  • Provides the “source and link” for the copied text 
  • Facilitate content authenticity and integrity 
  • Capable of detecting all kinds of plagiarism 
  • The tool does not store any of the user’s data, provides complete data security
  • The best alternative to Turnitin (plagiarism checker tool for research papers)


  • Limited words allowed in the starter plan 
  • Not available offline 
  • No free trials available 

Summary is an ideal platform for the most accurate content detection for plagiarism. Its built-in vast databases (online and offline) enable it to effortlessly and efficiently catch even a single copied statement or sentence. 

The tool will differentiate between unique and plagiarized content in the form of percentages, highlight both green and red, and provide a detailed plagiarism report including the source and link for the site where the text was copied. 

It features the most affordable pricing plans, a user-friendly interface, and user data security that makes it one of the best plagiarism checker tools for the effortless detection of duplicate content. 

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