WebDock review: Performance and Plans [2024]

webdock review

WebDock is a good quality European web hosting provider based in Denmark. It has data centers located in Germany and the United States. This allows for global coverage and stable connection on both continents. 

Although relatively new, this hosting provider has proven to be worth considering. WebDock was founded in 2017, and since then, they have managed to build a solid customer base.

For this reason, we will take a closer look at this hosting provider. For more information on WebDock, you can also go to hostadvice.

Now let’s take a look at what they offer.

Excellent Performance

When it comes to WebDock, they have no problem going so far as to provide you with guaranteed excellent performance. By the way, have you checked Windows RDP for Shared Desktops.

You can be sure that your VPS will be able to execute at very high speeds and great uptime. WebDock has a 0% downtime guarantee and server port speeds varying from 100mb/s to 1000mb/s.

Quick scaling

You can quickly and frequently scale your WebDock server without any downtime. WebDock is great for a growing website since it is very simple to acquire extra hardware capacity for your server if your demands have expanded.

You can get more storage capacity, RAM, CPU, IP addresses, and anything you need as your business grows without having to interrupt the work of your website.


WebDock was originally developed to protect shared hosting environments, but now it has matured into a secure technology with architecture that offers environments that are just as secure and segregated as conventional virtual machines.

Some of the security features on WebDock include free resource monitoring, backups, DDoS protection, content web scraping prevention, blocking malicious bots and crawlers, and spam traffic filters.


WebDock has a great functioning backup system that does not interrupt the work of your website. The backup is done by using backup snapshots.

WebDock provides eight snapshots in total. Two automatic snapshots are done daily and three weekly the rest snapshots you can use on your own whenever you need.

These snapshots record a precise disk image at the moment of snapshotting and save it. The snapshot can quickly restore the web server with no downtime.


With very few exceptions, WebDock VPS package is 99% compliant with all major web software and applications, including Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle, Alpine, ArchLinux, CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo, and OpenSUSE operating systems.  


WebDock constantly watches over the servers that its clients use. They keep a lookout for unusual activity and alert you if they notice suspicious activity on your site.

They also assist you in identifying potential issues and provide you with professional solutions on how to fix them.

Plans and their features

WebDock’s hosting plans include Linux-based VPS hosting and dedicated cloud hosting. The servers on WebDock run on SSD drives coupled with super-fast ZFS software ensuring the best possible performance for your website.

Some outstanding reasons to choose WebDock as your web hosting provider include:

SSL Certificates

All WebDock’s plans include an encrypt integration that enables free HTTPS security for your websites. Therefore, if you are currently paying for your credentials, changing to WebDock can be a great new option to try if you want to save some extra bucks.

Free Transactional Emailing

WebDock provides its users with free transactional emailing by using Postmark. You can use Postmark’s foolproof delivery and fantastic reporting to manage all of your outbound emails.

Free Forwarding Emails

With ImprovMX, WebDock provides you with free email forwarding. This is a great and simple option to start receiving emails on your domain, especially if you do not require a fully featured mailbox.

Docker & LXD support

WebDock is one of the rare web hosting providers that supports Docker & LXD. The WebDock LXD services allow you to manage the system’s containers and virtual machines without affecting the work of your website.

This will provide you with flexibility and scalability, support the different storage backends and network types and help you do more demanding workloads. Docker, on the other hand, will help you build, deploy, run, update and manage the system containers.


For anyone who is looking for VPS or cloud hosting, WebDock is a great solution. This article is among the many recommendations for this provider. 

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