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How to write and get paid

How to write and get paid? I love this question. Establishing a new blog website is hard and needs much motivation. Six months is necessary in this case. This is the big reason I love this question.

If you have a blog and you are searching on Google how to write and get paid then today’s post is only for you. No problem if you are a newbie or an expert blogger. Today’s post will help every blogger.

This is not a new question for bloggers and online writers. But this question only allows newbies because they are new. Writing blog posts constantly and one day applying for Google Adsense.

There is no surety, you will get Adsense on the first attempt. Sometimes you need to access premium tools and themes. You are a beginner and obviously, you don’t have more money.

So, you need a platform where you can write a blog and make some money that you can use in your blog investment. In dozens of getting-paid websites which one is good for you, is the big question.

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In today’s post, we will clear up this question. The problem is, that we are so busy reading the full post. Getting some ideas and then leaving for another idea. We will never recommend this technique.

This will harm your reading technique. Without chatter let’s see what you will learn in today’s post?

  1. How to Write and Get Paid
  2. A free website without a paid membership
  3. How to get backlinks from getting paid side
  4. How to make money by writing a blog
  5. Websites that will allow newbies and experts
  6. How to choose a site to write a blog
  7. Which niche do you need to choose

Let’s talk about every topic step by step. First is fast and actually, you are hereby how to write and get paid questions.

How to write and get paid

Every expert was a newbie. Don’t take your eyes off this question. Focus on how much value you can provide. The more you will provide value, the more you will be increased to get paid.

Most of the get-paid platform gives you money as per your written blog views. This may be hard for a newbie but not for an expert. When a newbie writes a blog, he will think twice before writing every word.

How to Write and Get Paid
How to Write and Get Paid

You will hesitate before submitting every post that you want to promote, and you will be confused and have many problems. Will you get a different reputation? Obviously not.

Write a blog on a different platform than you are writing on your own blog. There are no extra efforts that you have to do. If you think, you are writing on your own blog then your problems will be disappeared.

If you are a writer and you don’t have a blog site then you will not face this type of problem. Because you are a writer, you are writing only to make some money. And writing is your passion, this is your daily task.

A free website without a paid membership

On huge get-paid websites, there are only a few that are beginner-friendly and they allow a writer without a paid membership. As you are reading on this website you don’t need to pay for your writing profile.

Why this site is the best for newbies? Most people use medium to write blog posts to make money. Just because of popularity. The writing system is the same on the other hand you have to pay to update your profile.

how to write and get paid
How to write and get paid

But on this site, you don’t need to do that. If you are a beginner you can’t pay money to upgrade your profile then ok. All the facilities you will get from here are absolutely free.

Let’s see the organic monthly traffic of this site. I have got this data from Semrush. If you want to recheck then you can check.

How to write and get paid
How to write and get paid

Monthly organic traffic is 84.6k with 45.56k which is really good. If my profession was just writing content to make money, I definitely wrote on this site. But here is another factor to write about on a site.

Before writing on a site you have to check the website’s spam score. If the spam score is looking red then you should avoid that site. A spam score in red means the spam score is above 10%.

Here is the spam score of PaidForArticles.

 How to write and get paid
How to write and get paid

SS stands for spam score and you can see the score is just 1%. So, this site is not spamming. What does it mean by site spamming? There are many reasons like they are doing bad SEO, backlinks strategy, they are not giving money, etc.

The site score is good. Let’s see the Alexa rank of this site. Here is the rank screenshot of this site.

How to write and get paid 4
How to write and get paid

I have told you all the steps that you should take. You are here which means you don’t need to know how to write blog posts. We are just sharing those steps that are needed to know for a newbie.

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Let’s see the payment system of this site. This is absolutely necessary to see the payment and earning proofs. We are sharing the screenshot of the payment method, if you want to check the payment proofs then you can check from the top of this site.

  How to write and get paid
How to write and get paid

Have you seen the minimum payment requirement? Isn’t it cool? Of course. Before starting any writing you should check this article and also this Author’s Guide.

Do you love backlinks? I know this is a funny question. We all (bloggers) love backlinks. But the great thing is you are getting paid for your article and you are getting backlinks also.

How to write and get paid
How to write and get paid

You have written a blog and you can take backlinks from here. Just place your link and you are done. Keep in mind, don’t take more than two links from one post. If you do so, you will be recognized as a spammer.

Not only this website but you can take backlinks from every site like this site. New bloggers use comments on other’s sites and in the comment, they use HTML anchor text to make backlinks.

I am not saying this is bad. But doing it only for backlinks can give you pain. Always use valuable comments as per every blog post. If you use this way. Bloggers will approve your comments.

Hope you will take this in mind when next time you go to make backlinks using a comment strategy.

How to Write and Get Paid with Backlinks should be the title of this blog post. (Ha Ha)

How to make money by writing a blog

If you are not a blogger and you don’t have a blog site then you can check this article. Here you will get 27 sites where you can write content and make money online.

As I told you earlier in this post, you don’t need extra knowledge. If you have knowledge of a topic and you know English then there are no problems for you.

This is different, you don’t know English and you are willing to make money just by writing blog posts. Then you need to invest your time in learning English then you can do this.

My last paragraph is funny. If you don’t know English then how can you be reading this post? Writing regularly is absolutely good for a newbie blogger and here you are getting paid by writing blog posts.

Websites that will allow newbies and experts

PaidForArticles allows you to write blog posts, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you are an expert. Some sites will not allow you to newbie. But on this site, you can easily write posts and make money.

How to choose a site to write a blog
How to write and get paid

By answering your question (How to write and get paid), I have cleared that you can do this. They will not see you if you are a newbie or an expert. They will only see your content value. If you are providing value, they will welcome you.

If your article does not provide value then they will not approve your content means they will reject your content. So providing value is so important.

How to choose a site to write a blog

Read the second heading again. If a site meets all the steps that I have told you in the second heading then you can go with that site without taking any panic. Website traffic, spam score, payment proofs, etc matter most.

Which niche do you need to choose

I think this will not create any problems. How to write and get paid is your question and in this question, there is no rule for any niches.

You have to check the website’s main niche or which niche they are accepting. Most of the sites that are offering write and get paid, accept all niches. If you have confusion then you can check.


PaidForArticles is the best website for earning money, making backlinks, and showing your writing skills. Sometimes guest posts are not approved just because of your writing quality.

When you are writing a blog post on this site then your writing quality will be improved for guest posts. Then you can easily get approved for your guest post.

Just one website gives you so many opportunities to change your blogging journey. If you are interested no problem, I think you should give it a try to make something different. Hope you have got your answer on how to write and get paid.

If you have any suggestions then feel free to comment down your thoughts.

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