How to improve your SEO writing with these three Best Paraphrasing Tools?

How to improve your SEO writing

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of ranking your content on Google’s SERP.

In the 21st century, SEO has emerged as the most effective marketing tool. 

The numbers stamping its efficacy are astonishing. As per Bright Edge research, SEO drives  1000% more traffic than any other method.

Google’s search engine accounts for  92.96% of global online traffic, getting on top of that means reaching the whole world. 

Three Paraphrasing Tools to improve your SEO

Since we have established that paraphrasing tools are the best choice for SEO writing.  The next question is the selection of the tool.  

A quality paraphraser is efficient, accurate, fast, and reliable so that it can rewrite every small detail with no loss of context. 

The market is stuffed with many tools, but all can never be the same.

Therefore, we have made a list of the top 3 paraphrasing tools which can improve your SEO writing. is our first and foremost choice for improving SEO writing. The tool is backed by the most advanced AI model to rephrase content as per user demand.

It can rewrite content in 4 different modes.

Plagiarism remover:  It is the most basic settings. In that mode, it rewrites the content while doing small keyword adjustments to improve SEO Optimization and remove plagiarism.

Near Human: This mode is a bit advanced. It works like a human brain, able to rewrite sentences and paragraphs.

Text Improver: This is the most advanced setting. SEO professionals use it to improve the quality, readability, paragraphing, and sentence structuring of their write-ups.

Creative: This mode is only used to add creativity to the original. It is particularly useful for blog posts containing high-level plagiarism. 

How to improve your SEO writing

The interface is simple. The professionals and novices both can use it with equal ease.

The tool can also translate the rewrite into multiple languages. Another feather in the cap for this tool is its aided features.

It has a plagiarism checker and grammar checker to verify the quality of paraphrasing.

To expand and contract a topic as per the required word count, the tool also offers a summarizer and a content generator. has earned 2nd spot courtesy of its ease of paraphrasing. The tool can efficiently rewrite ant text in 3 different modes.

Low: most basic mode, ideal for keyword adjustments.

Medium:  better than the low version, This version is used to rewrite sentences. 

High: This is the most advanced version. It can alter the complete paragraphs and posts in a way that no sign of the original source can be detected.

The versions move from low to high as per the complexity of the rewrite. The low version only substitutes keywords while the high version is used to alter the complete paragraph.

The tool is known for its linguistic versatility. It can translate the rewrite into more than 80 different languages.

This fact makes it among the most well-respected and globally-accepted paraphrasers. 

The interface is user-friendly.

How to improve your SEO writing

To further facilitate its users, it has been available in Windows, Androids, and iOS. Meaning if you have a digital device, you can access it.

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However, the tool lacks aided features.  It doesn’t possess a grammar or plagiarism checker. That implies you must consult other tools to verify the quality of the rewrite.

The tool doesn’t possess any premium subscription. It is completely free to use for its users. We recommend this for every writer who requires a quick rewriting solution.

This tool is a perfectionist’s heaven. offers a range of rewriting modes that most tools can only dream of. It can rewrite in 5 different modes.

Human: Alters the text in a humanized fashion using reasoning and common knowledge. 

AI Robot: This version generates multiple AI-based copies, however, it doesn’t show enough care for contextual accuracy. 

Plagiarism Remover: This mode rewrites the text in a way that looks completely unique.

Grammar Checker: This rephrasing focuses on the grammatical accuracy of the output.

Sentence Structure: This mode is focused on improving the quality of the text.

Experienced professionals can use it for targeted paraphrasing, improving the weak areas of their blog posts. 

The tool is also easy to use. It can accept input as a Docx file or in the textual form 

How to improve your SEO writing

However, the tool lacks additional features. This makes it dependent on other tools.

The free version can rewrite up to 5000 words in one search.  The tool doesn’t have any premium version available.

It is recommended for professionals. Novice writers can find it difficult to choose selective paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing and SEO

As we discussed earlier, Google’s method of ranking content is very advanced. Taking more than 200 factors into account isn’t a joke.

No wonder Google uses bots and algorithms to do that. Because humans can’t operate on that level.

Well, then how do you outsmart an algorithm? The simple answer is by using another algorithm.  We recommend every writer use an Online paraphrasing tool.

A paraphraser can rewrite any content while maintaining contextual accuracy in a matter of seconds or you can take SEO services.

The rewrite is 100% unique, possessing better quality than the original. It allows you to update quality content, which is unique, engaging, readable, and has a professional outlook as well.

Final Words

SEO writing is the need of the hour. If you are to survive in the content world, you should devise an effective SEO strategy and incorporate it into your writing.

This article presents a list of 3 paraphrasing tools that can improve your SEO writing.  The characteristics and specifications of each tool have been described to make it easier for you.

We hope this list will help you write better content at a faster pace.

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