How to do blogging from mobile super simple

How to do blogging from mobile

Just imagine, the full website controlled by a mobile theme installed to post writing. Before, I had no idea about mobile blogging. Later, I thought let’s share how to do blogging from mobile.

Very fast I want to clear you that if you are willing to do blogging from mobile then patience is very important. You are going to start your blogging journey with a small display.

Everyone recommends you to start with a desktop or laptop but some of you can’t purchase a desktop or laptop. For those, this post will be very advantageous.

Have you cleared your niche? If not then you can read the full guide from here.

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Now your next step is choosing the right platform for you. You can go with Blogger (free) or you can go with WordPress. If you don’t have any idea about blogging then I will recommend you start with Blogger (free version).

But if you have some ideas for blogging then you can go with the WordPress platform. On WordPress, you can do anything but on Blogger, there are some limitations.

In this post, we will share with you how to do blogging from mobile on WordPress. If you want to do blogging on Blogger then you can read how to create a blog on Blogger for free.

How to do blogging from a mobile

You can do this by converting your web browser into a desktop version or you can go with the normal version. The normal version will be better because if you do the desktop version all the words will be so small.

If you want to start your blogging journey on WordPress then you have to purchase domain and hosting. You are here which means you are a beginner, so Hostinger is the best option for you.

On Hostinger if you take one year plan then you will get one free domain with your hosting. You are saving your money here and I think this is a very good option for a newbie.

If you are willing to take the one-year plan from Hostinger then you can click here to take your hosting plan (This is not an affiliate link).

Installing your domain on your hosting is quite easy. But if you want then you can follow this video’s instructions. Here you will get step by step process in the video.

How to install a WordPress theme?

To install WordPress, you have to open the WordPress admin panel. For this type your domain with wp-admin ( You will be redirected to your WordPress admin panel.

How to do blogging from mobile
How to do blogging from mobile

In your username or email address section, you have to input the user name that you used when you installed your WordPress on the Hostinger. If you can’t remember then you can use the email address that you have used for the Hostinger WordPress installation.

After logging in your dashboard will be looked like this.

How to do blogging from mobile
How to do blogging from mobile

Your dashboard will be different, not all but in some cases. I have installed the updraft plus plugin that’s why you are seeing it here.

Click on the three bars that I have marked and scroll down. To install the theme click on the appearance and then theme.

A new window will be opened then click on add new. After clicking on the add new, you will be redirected to the theme page. Scroll down and choose your favorite one.

Click on the install and then active, your theme is installed. You have installed your theme and now you have to customize your theme. For this again click on the Appearance and then Customize.

How to install a plugin?

Your second step is installing an SEO plugin. I will recommend you install RankMath, you will get a newbie interface with easy settings.

To install a plugin, click on the plugin section and click on the add new button. On the plugin page, in the search box type your plugin name. Then select the plugin, install it, and activate it.

Here you will get all settings that are related to your Rank Math settings.

In the same way, you can install and theme as per your wish. You have to download the Contact Us page creation plugin. Whenever you will feel stuck doing Google or YouTube, you will get your solution.

How to create pages?

If you have read how to create a blog on Blogger then you can use the same link to create your pages and paste that HTML view on your WordPress page section.

If you want to read again then you can click here to read. All the processes are the same but the platform is different.

To add your page you have to click on the pages button and then click on the add new, where you can add all pages that you prefer to add.

How to write posts on WordPress using mobile?

Nothing special to do here. Just click on the post and then add a new one. You will be redirected to a new blank page where you have to write your post.

Give your title and start writing. But before start writing your post you have to clear your Rank Math task. To do that click on where I have marked.

To add your focus keyword click on the number 2 place that I have marked on the first image. Then click on the Rank Math and you can see your focus keyword-adding option.

To add a permalink, click on the edit snippet and you can see the permalink link adding option. To add your category you have to click on the number 1 place where I have marked in the first image.

Your post and your category, thumbnail, and many more will be opened. When you are done, start writing your post. Write and check rank math scores. If you are doing wrong then Rank Math will warn you or you can see a red mark.

Note: Install an easy table of contacts plugin to make your paragraph table of contacts listed.

When you have finished your writing, you should check your post. For this, you can a preview to take a glance at your post. If you feel, everything is done then you can hit publish.

Is mobile good for blogging?

It depends. If you have a laptop or desktop but you are blogging with mobile then it’s bad. Because already you have the opportunity to do blogging with a laptop/desktop.

If you don’t have one and you are trying to make a difference or you are willing to purchase a laptop from blogging money then you are going right. You don’t have anything but you are none of them who are not willing to make a decision to change their life.

I will always welcome you if you are really interested in blogging. Blogging with a phone may take time but you are trying to make this easy.

Don’t have a laptop or desktop then never feel guilty. You can do this easily. If you have no money to invest in a domain and hosting then use Blogspot.

So, for a newbie this is good and there is no doubt that he is learning. If you have any problem regarding this problem or you have suggestions then feel free to comment down your thoughts.


How to do blogging from mobile is a very easy question and even you can answer this question. In this post, we have discussed how to do blogging from mobile in detail.

From theme installation to plugin installation all is here. You are thinking here you need more information then you can comment down we will add your problem solutions.

How to do blogging from mobile is very easy just do it and make the changes.

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