Why sales funnel is important in 2024

why sales funnel is important

Why sales funnel is important? The short answer is information. let’s discuss…

We want to go through a story. This is one I have fallen for in my old blogging days. I was really shocked to learn the importance of customer information.

As you know, when new people come online their first intention is how to earn money, they forget the line “First serve then earn”. (why the sales funnel is important)

My first site was an Amazon affiliate marketing website. I used YouTube videos to create my site with a great design.

It took about 6 days to complete my entire site design work (haha, I can’t forget my first site design days, all days were full of straw work).

After finishing the site design work I moved on to creating content. What happened.

Then I have shared so many on social media. And was expecting a sale like “Publish and Pray”. Today’s youth do this a lot.

I haven’t had any sales even after 4 months. Do you know why?

Why the sales funnel is important

The main reason for the site was the lack of information. As per our little knowledge, if you have your customer’s information then you can easily sell your products.

Someone is visiting my site and I am sending them on a shopping trip (the funnel). There they have to enter their information. Later I may retarget them because of their knowledge.

Let’s take some examples:

how to buy
why sales funnel is important

Just look at the screenshot. There is no direct purchase link, if they provide a direct link they will lose your information. After clicking on “Buy It Now” a new page will appear like this.

buying persona
why sales funnel is important

Hope you got it. Okay, let’s go deeper.

Let’s say, you have a product-selling site and you are not using funnels. Someone comes and buys your product.

Later when you go to launch new products you want to re-target all your previous buyers. But the problem is that you don’t have your customer’s information.

You are interested in a product and you want to buy but when it comes to payment, you have less money to buy and you leave. (Why sales funnel is important)

But within 1 or 2 days you are getting emails like “this is the last call, 25% off, you haven’t completed your purchase process, etc”.

How? Because they have your contact information (email/number).

Basic is over now it’s time to learn Advanced

Have you ever wondered why successful marketers share useful content for free? If not then you should keep your eye on the image. (Why sales funnel is important)

sells funnel
why sales funnel is important

The first is therefore awareness.

Awareness: This is always your promotion post. When we subscribe to the famous site newsletter. They have a fully described email list that you will get 1-15 or 1-30 days in a row.

Most importantly, those emails are always very informative and engaging. You will learn a lot of things with their email value.

On the other hand, some of them will run Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They are creating awareness through this process or you can say branding.

Interest: Today I bought 1 kg of curd from a local shop. A friend of mine suggested I buy from that shop.

He was telling me that the shop is famous for good sweets. I want to test it tonight. If the curd is really good then I will definitely go there next time.

If you just look at the last two paragraphs you can see that there is awareness and interest.

Awareness means more people will know about their service so my friend recommended me. They have created awareness for good service, now anyone who wants to buy sweets goes to that sweet shop.

If the sweet is good I will go next time, here you can see the interest.

Decision: The decision comes from interest. Someone is offering you 50% off on your first purchase. I think it’s perfect for generating interest.

why sales funnel is important

I think the first thing you should do if you are interested in doing online marketing is find out the problem. Because if you don’t know the problem then how can you give the solution. If you look at a sweet shop, you will probably think that there is not a good sweet shop in that area.

When someone has a problem, at that time he is not able to make a decision. You need to solve his problem, and after that, he will make a decision easily.

Action: If you know the exact process then the action will be much easier for you. All you need to do is create an emergency. Let’s say you are offering 50% off and you are not limiting any time.

This time just tell that this time will be 2 days. Then everything will be yours. The exact process successful marketers use and they know why sales funnels are important.

It’s time to know why sales funnel is important

There are 4 important (maybe more) of a sales funnel or funnel…

  1. To get audience data
  2. To get the complete customer persona
  3. To get potential customers
  4. What do you need to improve

Audience data: You are carrying your customer contact information on your landing page. If someone wants to join your newsletter you will need to enter their contact information (email/phone number).

You’ll probably see “Join our newsletter for premium content” after you’ve entered your information. (Why sales funnel is important)

Perfect customer persona: When you help someone, surely you have a perfect plan. If you take a look at the image of the funnel you will see that the second part is interesting after passing the awareness.

The interest of your audience requires awareness. Awareness and interest support for the entire customer persona. What you are offering and what they are looking for, if they go along one line then the right customer persona is being created.

Potential customer: Potential customer means your target customer. Those are the interesting parts coming from. But you will probably notice that your subscriber list will shrink.

This means that only those people who will be on your list are very interested in buying your products. When you create an emergency to sell your product fast only your potential customer will buy. So they are possible.

What you have to improve: It’s time to improve your sales funnel. You have taken awareness, interest, judgment, and action. But you are unhappy with your results.

Something is always hidden but you can uncover it with some research like a funnel. They will react undesirably as they go through the funnel.

Someone will only sign up but not proceed, someone is interested in your product but not taking action, etc. This is the part you need to improve, where you can take the help of funnel data. (Why sales funnel is important)

I’ve done mine, now it’s your turn to incorporate a funnel into your marketing process.

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