How to make micro niche site – Free guide 2024

How to make a micro niche site

How to make a micro-niche site? Before answering this question, let us understand something. This job is like a typical niche job.

My intention is to educate you on how to build a micro niche site and I’m not doing affiliate marketing, so I won’t show you how to install WordPress and buy a domain and hosting. (how to make micro niche site)

You are already reading this article which means you know how to do it all and I hope I will do my best to teach you how to create micro niche site.

Here’s the story of choosing a micro niche.

How to make micro niche site

A few days ago I brought a Go-Pro camera. I have no idea about the camera and this is my first camera.

go pro hero 9 black
how to make micro niche site

According to the notebook of the camera, I had to charge the battery. But the problem is when I went to charge there is no light (basically I didn’t know how to charge).

Then I took the help of my friend and he showed me how to charge. The second problem was, I was not able to turn on the camera.

So how to charge the camera battery-how to turn on the camera, I had so much confusion and problems because I was new. (How to make micro niche site)

The main problem starts with shooting video and recording voice. Haha, I’m going to start a YouTube channel.

After doing some research I solved all my problems related to the Go-Pro Camera.

Now I have complete knowledge of the Go-Pro camera. How to shoot, how to shoot with voice, how to take a picture, etc. (how to make micro niche site)

Difference Between Niche and Micro Niche

Choosing a niche is easy but a perfect niche is no easy task. Each niche already has a sub-niche. You can segment as many parts of your niche as you want. But it is not possible at the micro-level.

niche select category
how to make micro niche site

Let’s say our goal is email marketing. We can divide it into free email marketing, paid email marketing, affiliate email marketing, etc.

If we choose a coffee machine then there is no sub-niche and it will be a micro niche.

How to make micro niche site for self

To the best of my knowledge, I know that every person like me has his own story. A micro niche is a specific niche and there is no sub-niche. (How to make micro niche site)

If you focus on my story, you can create a site and the place will be Go-Pro Hero 9 Camera. I’m not talking about going with this micro-niche (Go-Pro Hero 9 Black). Use your brain and create a micro-niche site to share your unique knowledge.

To build a site we need to focus on keywords, your niche needs at least 10k traffic. This means that you are targeting very specific visitors.

Let’s look at keyword research.

how to make micro niche site keyword research
how to make micro niche site

Keywords have great search traffic but the main problem is high competition. The good news is that there is no micro niche site for Go-Pro Hero 9 / Go-Pro Hero 9 Black.

There are 3 requirements for a micro-niche site…

  1. There was less competition
  2. Proper keyword research
  3. Well written content

There was less competition: When coming up with a highly competitive location which means there is already a site or you have to work hard for SEO.

So in Go-Pro Hero 9 Keyword Research, you will probably see, that the competition is high but the good result is there is no micro niche site.

So find a good micro niche idea that you already know about. It will be your health issue that you solved, a new product you bought online, and so on.

Proper keyword research: I have heard many times that doing proper keyword research is the main task of writing good content that will bring a lot of traffic.

And it’s true. Let us solve this with an example…

When I was new to blogging my first article was on SEO. Later when I went for off-page optimization, my eyes would be wider than before.

seo keyword overview
how to make micro niche site

You can see the reason.

Keyword difficulty is 73, which is high and our site requires 90,8963 backlinks with domain authority. That’s funny, our site was new, and it seemed impossible to get 89963 backlinks.

Afterward, I was targeting long-tail keywords with less competition and this is already a line with a micro niche site.

Most of the articles on micro-niche sites are written based on long-tail keywords and low competition. Hope you got this point.

The good news is that you can do keyword research for free with the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Well-written material: You will need some content (2500-3000 words) and some short content (600+ words) with deep information that will be related to your niche.

When you write the content for your site then you have to write the content with complete information, there will be some research, graphs, testimonials, etc.

Writing content every day is hard work so you need to come up with 15+ articles.

Suppose, you have a headache or fever then you will definitely face trouble but if you already have it, then you need not worry.

I think doing keyword research for everyday content is a really tough job.

How to make micro niche site more info

I want to make a micro-niche site that will earn $500 per day but how can I do that. I do not grant you that you will be successful. Somebody burns his entire night’s oil to grab success.

So it is not easy and the most effective line, it is not quick scam money and overnight success. You have to be patient and work hard.

Your chances of success will increase if you serve better and audiences love the information you have about your content.

You are blogging and making micro-niche sites so much easier than you know how to blog perfectly.

Because you already know your niche and your audience. So the last line is making micro niche sites easy for those who are already blogging.

That’s all. I have now finished your turn. If you are an SEO expert then you can easily choose Go-Pro Hero 9 Black, if not then don’t try.

Always try to go with your passion and that of your loved one. To become a successful person you have to love your work but it will be great if you start with your favorite subject.

Blogging is not an overnight success but passion makes it easy. Let’s build your micro niche site. You can do it, man.

Surya Biswas

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