Freelance Data Entry Jobs 7 easy steps to get

Freelance Data Entry Jobs

I am very excited to share freelance data entry job steps. You can use this same strategy to get any type of job in the freelance field. I am not a regular freelancer to get my job done.

If you have seen Youtube videos, where you will have listened you can get a data entry job easily. But the reality is totally different. Because the competition is huge.

Like you there are so many newbies who are waiting to get a job chance in the freelancing area. When you will do something new, you will be selected otherwise not.

If you are willing to do a freelance job but don’t know how to do it or how to start then you are in the right place. Let’s see, how a newbie can get the opportunities.

There are so many freelancing sites on the internet. I haven’t worked on all of them (????). I have worked on Upwork and But the strategy is the same to get a job.

How to choose the best freelancing platform?

In Toptal, Guru, Upwork,, and People Per Hour you can choose anyone. If you are a beginner, I recommend starting with that platform where your friends are already working.

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If you search on Google, you will find so many freelancing websites out there. But sadly all of them are not for you because if you explore every platform then getting a job the first time will be hard.

One of your friends is already working on a platform then he can help you. Later we will talk about this to give you a clear thought.

You can go with Upwork because this platform is very easy to use for both sides (getting a new job and using this platform). This is not because I have used this platform, this is all about the user-friendly.

Is a website necessary for freelancing?

I had also this question when I was new to freelancing. I have used a blogger website to showcase my project. You know this free blog-making site. Where you will get a free domain with a .blogspot extension.

You can also this feature for your project. But the question what do you need to do? Isn’t it? This is so simple. Do what you can or what you are going to service in front of your clients.

Freelance Data Entry Jobs
Freelance Data Entry Jobs

If you are so serious about your new learning job then you can go with domain and hosting. Obviously, I am talking about the WordPress site.

When you show in front of your client, what you have done and what you can do for them. Chances will be increased to get your new job. But if you don’t want to do this then you have to face so many difficulties.

Most newbies don’t use this feature and I think this is the number one reason they don’t get any jobs on freelancing sites. When your clients are seen, in your skill, they feel trust in you.

I don’t need to say, trust is everything in an online job. Everyone is not watching you, they only watching your task and your project. So, a demo site can increase your new job chance.

You have to know, doing freelancing is not hard but getting freelancing tasks is hard. So, if you check then you will have some new opportunities.

How to make a demo site for a freelancing job?

You don’t need to make a fancy website. Only create your project-related and skill-related blog posts. If you are a blogger, link your blog with your demo sites. So, your client can read your blog.

If you don’t know how to make a blog, then don’t worry. Use YouTube, watch videos, and make yours. I will never recommend hiring a professional blog store. He will cost you so much.

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For a beginner, this is not recommended. When you do every task by yourself every time you will learn a skill.

How to get job opportunities on freelance sites?

For a newbie, this is a super hard task to get one. Here you are, you don’t need to take a headache. We will solve this issue easily. After finishing this article, you don’t need to search for freelance data entry jobs next time.

Take your friend’s help

One of your friends is already working in the freelance field, and you have done already 40% of the tasks. Contact your friends and ask your friends for help. If your friend is ready to help you then do.

Freelance Data Entry Jobs
Freelance Data Entry Jobs

This is not just about freelance data entry jobs, it’s all about your freelancing journey. Select the niche that you want to work on. Make a project and ask your friends to do that project on your behalf.

Give your profile full access to your friend and finish that job. After finishing the project give five stars as a client. Repeat this process 4-5 times and you are set to get a new project.

How it works?

Someone is willing to hire you. When comes, he will see you have already done 4-5 project tasks with five stars. Here your client will get a positive signal and he will think you are a good worker.

Freelance Data Entry Jobs
Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Because all of your finished projects have five stars. It doesn’t matter, who has done those projects. And will not come to see your assistant or finisher friends.

Even your client doesn’t have any idea of this trick. You may think this is not good. Then you are wrong. You have done your job with your friends and obviously, you have paid your friends to do this.

You are happy, your friend is happy and you have 100% opportunities to get job offers. You can do an extra task to make this task more effective. Attach all projects you have done with your friend on your site (demo blog).

Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Getting freelance data entry jobs is hard but not with us. If you have read the full article then I don’t need to talk about this line again. If you want to apply this step for a web designer, you can.

Freelance Data Entry Jobs
Freelance Data Entry Jobs

You can use whatever you want. Just you need to do this carefully. If the site admin knows your trick, they can block you permanently.

Bonus tips

Freelance Data Entry Jobs are easy just you have to use the right strategy. If you know a topic then create an article related to that topic on your site. The client will come, read your content, and will offer a new job.

Give your 100% when you are creating content on your site. Design them effectively. From your site, you have to be clear that you have done your job which is one of your best tasks.

If you aren’t feeling good with your project then how can anybody else love your done job. Your social media account and your blog site everywhere will be your loved topic with beautifully done.

The client will like to work with you or you can try MCI.


Everything that I have told you here is all my personal experience. I have done this same way before getting new job opportunities. Not only freelance Data Entry Jobs but you can also use this method for any kind of opportunities.

Competition is everywhere but you don’t need to focus on the competition. Just think, about what you are doing that can make a different impact.

If it does then you are congratulations. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment down your thoughts.

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