Get the cheapest IN domain registration via (2024)

Cheapest .in Domain Registration

Ways of buying a domain are easier than opening a FB account. But every time you can’t buy a cheap domain. Maybe you can buy it for the first year but the upcoming year will cost you much.

Don’t worry we have found a great way to do the cheapest IN domain registration via SeekaHost.APP.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have much knowledge, we are here to help you to get the cheapest domain name.

In this blog post, we will discuss with you how you can buy a cheap .IN domain without getting any destruction. You can also purchase a top-level domain (.com, .org, .net, .int, etc) using the same platform.

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Get cheapest .IN domain registration may sound familiar but the platforms where you will purchase cheap domains are fewer in number.

The platform we are going to use for the cheapest domain registration is SeekaHost. Be with us and get cheapest.IN domain registration or your desired domain.

How to use the to buy the cheapest domains

It’s cheap and easy to connect with your hosting. The customer service of SeekeHost is really satisfactory and you will love their service.

.IN domain only costs you $3.25 if you choose SeekaHost. I have compared here the most well-known domain purchase platform that you can see just below.

If you love the price then you can go with SeekaHost.

Bigrock and Godaddy comparison with
Bigrock and Godaddy comparison with
Dreamhost and Namecheap comparison with
Dreamhost and Namecheap comparison with

I have compared here 4 big domain-selling companies (Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, and Dreamhost).

Almost all the companies are charging you more than $7 and if you talk about SeekaHoat then it will only cost you $3.25.

So, SeekaHost gives you 50% off. Not for different domain names, we have used the same name ( as you can see in the given screenshot.

Get cheapest .IN domain registration via

Steps to get cheapest .IN domain registration on your hand is very easy. Let’s purchase a .IN domain together.

Search your domain

Open the SeekaHost official website and move your cursor to Domains and then Cheap .in Domains. For a clear direction, you can follow the image below.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration

Now search your .IN domain and hit enter. Within seconds, the domain search engine will show you the results if available.

You can see the price that is only $3.25 which is very cheap and the same thing that is nearly double on other domain registration platforms.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration

Add to cart

Your domain name is available, click on add to cart and then click on the cart section that is just upon the add to cart option. You can also check the screenshot that we have attached here.

On the next page, you will see your selected domain and the domain’s price still the same, nothing increased and nothing decreased.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration


Click on the checkout option and you will be redirected to the login page. If you have then you can simply use your existing username and password. If not then you have to sign up.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration

Do Signup if you are new

Don’t worry, your domain will be selected. On the signup page, enter your correct information then click on the Next button.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration

Don’t forget to check the checkbox.

You have done all the information the correct way and you have also checked the checkbox, now click on the next button that will come up with payment methods.

cheapest in domain registration
Cheapest IN domain registration

You can see the domain price is still $3.25, in this case, some domain-selling companies add some extra money to your regular price but on SeekaHost there is no hidden charge.

Select your payment method

Select the payment option that you prefer to do and then make the payment. You will only have two options either card or PayPal.

In India, you can’t keep your money on PayPal but if someone else does this who is outside of India then it is possible.

Another option is a Card. Nowadays, almost everyone has a card and you should not worry about this.

If you don’t have then you can use someone else card and for this, you don’t need to contact outside of India.


Hopefully, you have chosen your preferred payment method. When you are in this stage, we don’t need to tell you what you need to do.

Why you are waiting for it? Go ahead and complete the purchase step.

Congratulations, you have bought the cheapest.IN domain.

You’re newly taken .IN domain is now hanging on the SeekaHost dashboard.

After purchasing a domain, you can see your domain name under the domain name section on the main dashboard of SeekaHost.

Domain Check

Probably, if you have missed the cheapest domain purchase opportunities or you are willing to buy .com or any other top-level domain then you can use SeekaHost Domain Checker.

SeekaHost’s domain checker interface is easy to use and you will get always a better deal for your top-level domain registration.

SeekaHost domain checker

You can also see the offer in the screenshot that I have attached. Purchasing steps are the same as that you have done with .IN domain. You will always see this type of offer.

So, think twice about why you should use SeekaHost for domain and hosting.


SeekaHost is the best platform for domain and hosting. Their hosting plans are cheap like domain.

You can buy .IN domain somewhere else but you will not get the same cheap rate everywhere.

We have done small steps to purchase cheapest .IN domain using

We are not only recommending you purchase .IN domain but you can also get number one customer service if you take them any service.

So, buying the cheapest domain using SeekaHost is very easy when you are taking domain registration service.

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