Who is Sam Altman Wife? Unlocking the Mystery [2024]

Who is Sam Altman Wife

After November 30, 2022, everyone is eager to learn about Sam Altman, including details about Sam Altman wife. A similar situation occurred when Loopt was founded by two lovebirds.

OpenAI and Sam Altman are already in controversy with Elon Musk, but do you know who Sam Altman wife is?

Who is Sam Altman Wife?

The CEO and co-founder of OpenAI and Loopt, Sam Altman, has not been married yet. He is not interested in social media interactions, and after the failure of Loopt, he also chose to make his life more secretive.

Sam Altman is in a relationship with Oliver Mulherin. Oliver Mulherin is an Australian software engineer. They have been together for several years and live together in San Francisco.

Yes, you have heard it right. Sam Altman is gay and his first relationship was with Loopt’s co-founder, Nick Sivo.

Sam Altman’s previous relationships

Nick Sivo and Sam Altman broke up in 2004. Some people think Loopt’s failure was the reason for the breakup, but the reality is unknown.

Sam Altman and Nick Sivo

On the other hand, Loopt was founded in 2005, and since they broke up in 2004, it is clear that Loopt was not the reason for their breakup.

After the breakup, Sam Altman started his first startup, as you know, Loopt. Sam Altman and Nick Sivo had been in a relationship for nine years.

Later, in 2012, the company was sold for $43.3 million.

Why is Sam Altman famous?

His early success in the tech industry. Altman co-founded Loopt, a mobile social networking app, at the age of 19.

He later became a partner at Y Combinator, a startup accelerator that has helped launch some of the most successful tech companies in the world, including Airbnb, Stripe, and Reddit.

His role as CEO of OpenAI. OpenAI is a non-profit research company that is developing artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Altman is a leading thinker on AGI and is committed to ensuring that it is developed responsibly and beneficially.

More about Sam Altman and Oliver Mulherin

Altman has kept his relationship with Mulherin private, but he has spoken about him in a few interviews. In a 2023 interview with The New York Times, Altman said that Mulherin is “the love of my life” and that he is “very lucky to have him.”

Oliver Mulherin with Sam Altman
Source: Dailymail

Altman has also said that he wants to have children with Mulherin. In a 2023 interview with Business Insider, Altman said that he is “thinking a lot about having kids” and that he is “excited about the possibility of becoming a father.”

Sam Altman was dating Oliver Mulherin

Sam Altman does not have a wife and you are already clear about the reason. He is gay and is in a relationship with Oliver Mulherin, after Nick Sivo.

In this section, you will learn more about Sam Altman’s current boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin.

Altman and Mulherin

Oliver Mulherin is a software developer with extensive experience in IoT. His primary focus is on developing industrial solutions using both software and hardware.

Oliver graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor’s degree in computing and software systems.

In 2018, Altman and Mulherin met through a mutual friend. They started dating shortly after meeting.

How long they have been together?

Altman and Mulherin dated for 5 years, and on January 11, 2024, they got married.


Sam Altman is a brilliant and accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and programmer. He is also a strong advocate for effective altruism and responsible AI development.

Altman is in a loving relationship with Oliver Mulherin, an Australian software engineer. Altman and Mulherin have been together for five years and are planning to have children in the future.

Altman and Mulherin prove a thriving career and personal happiness are possible in tech.

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