Viktor Bout net worth [2024]

Viktor Bout net worth

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Viktor was born in Tajikistan that’s a part of the Soviet Union during the time. He subsequently enlisted in the Soviet army after being born into a family of soldiers.

Viktor Bout is a Russian boy who started his career as a military servant of the Soviet Union, but he was later termed an arms smuggler and a prominent terrorist by the public.

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Foreign organizations and law enforcement organizations were aware of Viktor Bout’s involvement in the arms trade. Many feared what would happen if he sent guns into conflict zones and increased violence in already dangerous areas.

Also keep reading to learn about Viktor Bout’s (Viktor Anatolyevich Bout) background, his financial journey, his legal entanglements, and Viktor Bout net worth.

What is Viktor Bout net worth?

Viktor Bout is a prolific international arms dealer who has a net worth of $50 million.

Who is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout was born on January 13, 1967, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. As of 2024, he is 57 years old. He is a Russian guy. He grew up in a military family.

Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout’s mother’s name was Raisa Bout, but his father’s name is unknown. He has a brother named Sergei.

Viktor Bout is a famous person in Russia. He is well-known for his deeds. When the Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s, Viktor Bout seized the opportunity to launch his own company.

He began his career as a pilot before going into the arms trade.

Childhood and early life

According to reports Viktor’s father was an officer in the Soviet Union’s military, and his mother was a school teacher.

Being born into a military family, his sense of discipline and loyalty was very strong. Bout’s decision to attend the Military Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow was inspired by his father’s career.

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Mr. Bout’s improved his linguistic abilities and picked up a number of foreign languages at the institute, including Arabic, Portuguese, and English.

Following graduating, Bout enlisted in the Soviet Air Force and worked as a translator during the civil wars in Mozambique and Angola.

He most likely gained firsthand knowledge of the need for guns and military hardware in these areas due to his experiences working in these crisis zones.


Birth dateJanuary 13,1967
BirthplaceDushanbe, tajik ssr soviet union.
Age57 years
MotherRaisa Bout
WifeAlla protasova
KidsLisa Bout
CountrySoviet Union, Russia
EducationMilitary Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow
ProfessionArms dealer
Marital statusMarried with Alla Portasova
Net worth50 million dollars
Height6 feet
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorLight brown hair

Professional career

Viktor Bout started his career as a military servant in 1985. After that, he quit his first career. Then, when the Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s, Viktor Bout seized the opportunity to launch his own company.

He began his career as a pilot before going into the arms trade. When Bout’s began working at the cargo hangars at Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates in 1995, his career in shipping officially began.

After that, he established Air Cess, a freight airline that flew a small fleet of Russian aircraft to transport supplies to Afghanistan and Africa.

Career highlights

Viktor Bout tried to make money through various dishonest means during its career. As a result, Viktor’s carrier had to face various losses in life.

Viktor Bout started his career as a country soldier but later became known as an arms smuggler due to his greed for money.

Viktor Bout is frequently referred to as the “Merchant of Death,” and he has been discussed in Hollywood, international power circles, and covert arms deals.

Bout has been the focus of numerous books, films, and videos. One such film is Lord of War, which was released in 2005 and starring Nicolas Cage.

Authors have also written various books about Viktor’s. The past 2009 saw the release of The Notorious Mr. Bout: The True Story of an International Arms Dealer.

In 2008, the Drug Enforcement Administration planned a plan to arrest Viktor Bout.


One of Viktor Bout’s lavish homes was in Zhukovka, a wealthy Moscow suburb.

The property, estimated to be worth $6 million, had opulent features like a movie theatre, gym, sauna, and swimming pool.

This opulent home was a physical representation of the affluent lifestyle Bout had amassed with his successful arms trades.

Viktor Bout Net worth

People earn money in different ways to increase their wealth, some earn it in the right way and some choose the wrong way to earn money. Likewise, Viktor Bout chose dishonest means to earn money.

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Viktor Bout illegally supplied arms to various battlefields, thereby amassing vast wealth.

He built a luxurious house with his ill-gotten gains and also kept his money in various assets in different places. As of 2024, Viktor Bout net worth is $50 million.

Viktor Bout Net worth growth

YearNet Worth
2024$55 Million
2023$50 Million
2022$45 Million
2021$42 Million
2020$39 Million
2019$37 Million
2018$35 Million

Personal life

According to reports, Viktor Bout is a happily married man. His wife’s name is Alla Protasova.

They got married in 1992. She is a beautiful lady, and they are a cute couple in their own life.

They also have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Lisa Bout.

Viktor Bout first met his wife, Alla Protasova, when he was on a military assignment as a translator in Mozambique.


Finally, it can be said that Viktor Bout was an arms smuggler, that is, a traitor. Which was extremely dangerous for this society and for the people of this society.

The general public of a country remembers a person in two aspects, a good side, and a bad side.

People all over the world, including Russia, remember Viktor Bout’s for his infamy. Viktor Bout’s may have made a lot of money in his life but could not make a good place in people’s hearts.

One thing we can learn from Viktor Bout life story is that it is not okay to earn money by dishonest means. It not only does the welfare of the society but later has a harmful effect on one’s own life.

Who is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout’s is a Russian guy who was an arms smuggler.

What is Bout’s full name?

Viktor Anatolyevich Bout.

How old is Viktor Bout’s?

57 years old as of 2024.

Who is Viktor Bout’s wife?

Viktor Bout’s wife name is Alla protasova.

Where is Viktor Bout now?

Bout was turned up from American prison by Russian authorities on December 8, 2022. After being “unlawfully detained” for years, he has reconciled with his wife and daughter, according to the Kremlin.

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