Tabitha Brown Net Worth [2024]

Tabitha brown net worth

Laughter erupts from your phone as a woman belts out, “That’s what’s up!” with infectious enthusiasm, describing a bite of her homemade vegan BLT.

It’s Tabitha Brown, and in 2017, just one video catapulted her from actress to viral sensation, forever changing the trajectory of her life – and her bank account.

Fast forward to 2024, and Tabitha Brown is more than just a viral star.

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She’s a vegan food icon, a New York Times bestselling author, a culinary entrepreneur, and the face of a joyful, inclusive movement that’s sweeping the globe.

But amidst the delicious recipes, the infectious laughter, and the endless supply of “how-y’all-doin’s,” a question naturally arises: just how much is Tabitha Brown net worth?

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Tabitha Brown net worth, early career and acting success, viral tikTok sensation, and many more.

Early career and acting success

Before the “how-y’all-doin’s” and the mouthwatering vegan feasts, Tabitha Brown was carving her path in the world of Hollywood.

Tabitha Brown

Though acting might not have immediately skyrocketed her to financial stardom, it laid the foundation for her future success.

Stepping onto the Scene

Starting in the early 2000s, Tabitha landed roles in shows like “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Friday Night Lights,” building her resume and honing her craft.

While specific earning figures for these early gigs are elusive, estimates suggest actors of her caliber at the time could earn anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 per episode.

Tabitha also explored the independent film scene, further diversifying her experience and potentially adding to her income through film projects.

Awards and Recognition

Tabitha’s talent couldn’t be ignored, earning her an Emmy nomination for her role in the web series “CollegeHumor Originals.”

This boosted her profile and potentially landed her bigger offers with higher paychecks.

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Any brand endorsements or collaborations during this period could have further contributed to her earnings, though information on such deals is limited.

Hustling and Building Resilience

While Hollywood can be glamorous, it’s also notoriously challenging. Tabitha experienced lean times, even taking a hiatus from acting after caring for her mother.

During these periods, she worked various jobs, including co-hosting a local late-night show in Greensboro, showcasing her adaptability and work ethic.

These early experiences likely instilled a strong financial management sense, something that would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

Viral TikTok Sensation and Rise to Vegan Stardom

In 2017, the internet, and Tabitha Brown’s life, were forever changed.

It wasn’t a red carpet premiere or a blockbuster film; it was a humble vegan BLT, captured in a TikTok video, that catapulted her from actress to sensation.

We have grabbed a 2% engagement rate and you can see the result in the screenshot below.

tiktok revenue
This calculation was made about one year ago

In the TikTok bio, she has also linked her book to get more sales.

Building a Vegan Empire

Tabitha Brown’s success wasn’t a flash in the pan. Fueled by passion, creativity, and that ever-present infectious enthusiasm, she transformed her viral fame into a diversified vegan empire, proving that plant-based goodness is big business. Let’s explore the revenue streams that keep her empire thriving:

Cookbooks Galore

Capitalizing on her culinary prowess, Tabitha penned two New York Times bestselling cookbooks: “Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business)” and “Cooking from the Spirit: Plant-Based Comfort Food Recipes to Feed Your Body and Soul.” Book sales, royalties, and potential film/TV adaptations of her recipes represent a significant income stream, solidifying her place as a culinary authority.

From Kitchen to Supermarket

Tabitha’s recipes weren’t destined for paperbacks alone. She partnered with McCormick to launch her own line of vegan seasonings and mixes, bringing her signature flavors to home kitchens. Partnerships, product development, and potential profit shares from these ventures add another layer to her financial portfolio.

Other Sources of Income

Tabitha Brown’s financial tapestry wouldn’t be complete without exploring the hidden threads that add to her net worth.

Let’s peek beyond the cookbooks and celebrity partnerships to discover the income streams that might come with being “America’s Mom”:

Public Speaking and Live Events

Tabitha’s infectious energy and powerful message make her a sought-after speaker.

Engaging at conferences, corporate events, and workshops can garner impressive fees, adding a boost to her income.

Potential book tours for her cookbooks and even live cooking demonstrations could further pad her financial portfolio.


On YouTube Tabitha Brown has 1.07M subscribers and back on 23 Nov 2010 she joined YouTube.

According to Social Blade Brown generates $196 to $3.1K per month from ad revenue. People are doing so many things with YouTube channels and Brown is not different from them.

If you add other sources like sponsorship and affiliate marketing this number will be more.


This is a simple screenshot that we have taken from Brown’s website.

Tabitha Brown products
Tabitha Brown net worth

Like this, there are seven more products (Merch, Sunshine Reasoning, NYT Best Selling Books, Audoable, Each & Every: Tabitha’s Set, and Goli Gummy) that Tabitha Brown is selling.

In the screenshot we have attached here, every product category are similar price base.

Tabitha Brown website traffic
Tabitha Brown net worth

We have grabbed 2% conversion and the website is getting 9.2K monthly traffic. So, the estimated revenue is $6k monthly.

Estimating Tabitha Brown Net Worth

Tabitha Brown net worth has many similarities to other vegan social media celebrities. Here is something new.

But, based on publicly available information and industry estimates, her “spicy secret sauce” of income could potentially simmer at:

Annual Income: Between $2 million and $5 million
Monthly Income: Around $166,000 to $416,000

Remember, these are just educated guesses, sprinkled with a pinch of industry averages and a dash of speculation.

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Tabitha Brown net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of 2024. If you look at Tabitha’s lifestyle, you will find it hard to consume Tabitha Brown net worth actually $10 million.

This estimation is based on her diverse income streams, including cookbooks, brand deals, television ventures, and potential investments.

However, due to the private nature of financial details, this is just an educated guess, and the true figure could be higher or lower.


Tabitha Brown’s rise from viral sensation to vegan queen is a delicious reminder that joy, not dollar signs, is the sweetest ingredient in life.

She built an empire on kindness, laughter, and the magic of a good BLT, proving that genuine passion can out-season any trend.

We have mostly covered Tabitha Brown net worth related topic. There are so many things outside of her finances.

If you like to know that, feel free to comment down your thoughts.

Note: Tabitha Brown net worth content is written based on online available information.

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