Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Native Video

LinkedIn Native Video

LinkedIn is one of the largest B2B platforms for professionals to interact and build profitable networks. And in case you don’t know, now more than 80% of senior executives prefer watching videos rather than going through walls of text.

This indicates the fact that if you want to showcase your capabilities on LinkedIn, videos are an excellent way. 

With that said, according to a Social Media Hub study, compared to all other LinkedIn video types, native videos have 86% more reach. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t miss taking advantage of native videos which brings us to our topic today, the marketer’s ultimate guide to LinkedIn native videos.

Step-by-Step Guide to LinkedIn Native Videos

If you are a newbie marketer, you need a guide that is simple and easy to understand. And that’s exactly what this guide is. Go through, understand, apply, and gain huge leads from Native Videos alone. 

Make An Editorial Calendar

If you have been in the publishing industry for a while, you know the need for this. It is not like you can do without an ed calendar but having one will keep things very organized. 

An ed calendar is like a plan which is very easy for everyone to understand. You and your team will know about the deadlines, who will be handling what, where adjustments are required, etc. 

Make Interesting Content

According to research, if the content can’t hook viewers in the first 4-8 seconds, 90% of viewers will skip it. Nowadays, people get bored very easily which makes it crucial for you to make content that will be eye and ear candy to the audiences. 

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And though the goal of video marketing is to make a profit that shouldn’t be reflected directly in the video. The video shouldn’t sound salesy at all, if users sense that, they will leave the next moment no matter how unique your product or service is. 

You would want to put your attention to the video quality as well. Do not mix up content quality with the video quality. Quality content is a must, but the quality of the video is what allows your content to reach people. Hence, you need to get both right. 

The video shouldn’t be an eye-shore, the lighting and the sound need to be perfect. In a plain sentence, the video overall should be interesting enough to hold the viewer’s attention. 

Lastly, keep the video duration in mind too. Try your best to deliver the message in the shortest time possible. An ideal length would be anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If required you can go up to 8–10 minutes. But remember, people, lose interest in long videos. 

Consistency Is The Key

LinkedIn Native Video

LinkedIn isn’t a place for occasional marketers. You cannot just show up one day, post a video, and then disappear for days. That won’t bring anything to you but frustration. You need to be consistent wherever you are. 10 -20 videos aren’t going to move a needle, you need to drop contents regularly. 

Besides all of these, your story matters hugely. That’s why most of the video workers love to work with storyteller studios.

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If you are consistent for a while, that will push you to become more consistent in whatever you are doing. And then, if you continuously keep dropping content, you will be able to reach a wider range of viewers as it is an algorithm of LinkedIn. 

Moreover, regular content allows you to interact regularly with the viewers which can be extremely beneficial. 

Start Promoting Native Video

If you think you alone won’t be able to handle everything, it will be wise to hire a quick response team who will constantly answer the comments and other queries. 

And right after posting the video drive as much engagement as possible by sharing links to the video or by any means. Try your best to drive visitors as much as possible. 

Getting engagement at the beginning is hard, which is why often people buy LinkedIn video views

To make it easier for the viewers, you should upload captions as well with the video. Since there are options to enable or disable the captions, it would be an issue for the viewers. Whoever needs a caption, will turn it on. 

And most importantly, don’t forget to put a summary of the entire video in the description along with all the relevant hashtags. If you don’t use hashtags, you will miss out on a lot of viewers. 

Use trending keywords in the hashtags so that whenever people search that term there is a chance that your video might show up.

Checking The Metrics

You should closely monitor the reach of your videos regularly to understand how they are doing. Keep a tab on the likes, comments, and how many views the video is getting. The likes and comments won’t buy you a cup of coffee but keeping a tab on that will tell you where you should work on. 

LinkedIn will allow you to check the average view time which is a great opportunity. If you see the average view duration is low, then definitely there is something wrong with your content. Either it is long, not interesting, or looks more like a sales pitch. 

You will have to keep experimenting with different styles so that you will understand the taste of your audience, hence you will be able to deliver what they are looking for.


You won’t get a big number of views and likes initially, you will need to be patient and consistent in content publishing. Regular experimenting with different styles of content is mandatory to grow, and so is regular interaction. 

However, I hope this marketer’s ultimate guide to LinkedIn native videos helped you understand how native videos actually work and how you should proceed.

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