How to Convert Images into Text for Free Review of

How to Convert Images into Text for Free Review of Imagestotext

Converting physical documents to digital documents was a daunting task in the past. However, the soft designers have made it easier for us by developing OCR tools. OCR tools are also known as optical character recognition tools. These tools can effectively extract text from the image or images and digitize them for easy access and editability. 

One important thing that should be noted here is the better the OCR technology, the better the text extraction from images. So, today we are going to review a photo to text converter online that helps users extract text accurately and efficiently for free. It is, we will be discussing its features, working, and benefits today in this guide and then provide a conclusion based on our review. 

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So, let’s begin without any further ado. 

What is

The is a famous image to text converter available online for free. It is powered by AI technology that is better able than ordinary tools to recognize and extract text from images or images to digitize it. The tool’s OCR technology in collaboration with AI technology provides accuracy as well as swiftness in text extraction. 

Features of

There are many features of image to text converter which make it an effective tool for text extraction from images. The following are the notable features of

  1. AI OCR Tool:

This photo to text converter online is an AI OCR tool which means it recognizes text in images with the help of machine intelligence, thus the results of text extraction are always great. 

  1. Multilingual Tool:

This jpg to text online tool extracts text in various languages i.e. it is a multilingual image to text converter. It processes the most widely spoken and used languages all over the globe. The languages include English, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish, Irish, Urdu, Dutch, Hindi, and many more. 

  1. Image Formats:

The image to text converter can copy text from image in all image formats including jpg, jpeg, png, gif, SVG, etc. 

  1. Scalable Text Extraction:

The picture to text converter is a scalable tool that can extract text from image or images of various sizes. The limit of image size is 10 megabytes which is a pretty large size for an image and most images are in kilobyte size. 

image to text app
  1. Multiple Images:

This image to text converter extracts text from multiple images at a time. The text extraction thus becomes fast and easier when using 

free image to text converter
  1. Blurry Images:

The blurry images are also converted to text easily using this photo to text converter online. This picture to text converter carefully extracts the text which is hard to read with the help of advanced AI OCR technology. 

AI that converts image to text
  1. Handwritten text:

This picture to text converter is a very useful tool as it effectively extracts handwritten text from the images. Yes, even handwritten text is extracted with great efficacy. If you don’t know, handwritten text is harder to recognize because different humans have different writing styles. However, can even copy handwritten text from images. 

image to text app
  1. Online free Tool:

This tool can copy text from image online for free. Thus anonymity is maintained and you get your work done without spending a single penny. 

  1. Safety: 

The client’s data safety is the biggest priority of this picture to text converter thus the extracted text is not saved online or not even in the tool. Moreover, the data is encrypted so the operators can’t see what you have extracted from this tool. So, it is not only effective but also safe to use. 

All these features of make it a top-quality OCR tool to copy text from image/images. 

Working of

The tool is not only effective in its text extraction but also very simple and easy to use. Below few steps are mentioned to use to extract text from image online for free:

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  1. Take the pictures of your physical documents that you want to digitize using this jpg to text online tool. 
  2. Now upload the images to by using one of the following methods:
  • Browse from the computer
  • Drag and drop
  • Copy and paste
free image to text
  1. After uploading the pictures on this jpg to text online gadget, click on the “get text” button. 
extract image to text
  1. The tool will extract the text from images within a few seconds. The text extracted will appear in the dialogue box below the input tool. 
  2. Copy the text extracted and paste it on the required document, file, or database. 
Extract Text From Image

Follow these simple steps to digitize any piece of text. 

Benefits of is a very beneficial tool for humans, following are some benefits:

  • It automates the digitization process of printed and handwritten texts and documents which was a hard nut to crack a few years back. 
  • It extracts text from images of various formats which makes it an effective tool for text extraction. 
  • It converts text from various languages, English is not the official language in many countries thus it can help those individuals who use different languages other than English or multilingual people. 
  • It is an amazing tool for text extraction of distorted and blurry documents which even humans are unable to use. 
  • It quickly converts the text to digital format making it accessible and editable. 


In a nutshell, is a free online tool that quickly and accurately digitizes physical text and documents. The text is extracted from images using AI OCR technology. It not only copies text from images in English but also in many languages used around the globe. It also has the ability to process various images at a time which is an effective tool to save time and energy. All these qualities, features, and its easy-to-handle interface make it a perfect tool for image to text conversion. 

It is totally recommended because you will not find an online OCR tool with this many features for free.

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