Duke Dennis Net Worth [2024]

Duke Dennis Net Worth

Duke Dennis net worth: Duke Dennis, the American YouTuber, video streamer, and basketball video game enthusiast, has accumulated a significant net worth primarily through his three YouTube channels.

As of the most recently available information, Duke Dennis net worth is approximately $4 million.

Duke Dennis embarked on his YouTube journey in 2013, and Duke Dennis net worth has steadily increased since he started uploading his videos back in 2017 since then.

His success is largely attributed to his three YouTube channels, which have garnered a substantial following and continue to grow.

Duke Dennis boasts over 5.5 million subscribers on his combined channels. These channels primarily focus on creating content related to basketball video games, including gameplay videos, highlights, and live streams.

His engaging content has resonated with a wide audience of gaming enthusiasts, contributing significantly to Duke Dennis net worth.

In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about Dennis net worth, early life career, and personal life. Must check Bryson Tiller’s net worth.

How Does Duke Dennis Make Money?

As of 2024, Duke Dennis net worth is estimated at $4 million which comes from YouTube ads, Paid ads, and sponsorship. In 2022, Duke Dennis net worth was $2.3 million. 73.91% net worth growth in just one year is not simple.

Duke Dennis

Duke Dennis makes $27k to $32k per month which comes from YouTube videos and sponsorship deals. Duke is a video game player and sometimes he plays outside of this studio.

To play outside of his video creation zone, Duke charges for every gameplay which also increases Duke Dennis net worth.

What is Duke Dennis net worth?

Birth NameDuke Dennis
Nick NameDuke
DOBFebruary 26, 1994
Birth placeBirthplace
Birth SignPisces
Annual Income$500K
Net Worth$4 million

Early life

Duke Dennis was born in Greenville, South Carolina, on February 26, 1994. Although Duke was raised in Greenville, he currently resides in San Diego, California. Duke Dennis hails from a multiracial background and identifies as African-American.

While Duke Dennis values his privacy and doesn’t reveal much about his family and educational background, it is known that Duke Dennis has two younger brothers, one of his name Darius Dennis who occasionally appear in his videos.

Prior to his YouTube career, he was primarily raised by his mother. At one point in Duke’s life, Duke Dennis joined the United States Army, along with some of his friends.

During his time in the military, due to facing various challenges, and eventually decided to leave the army and return home. To know more about his Army career keep your eyes on his career just below.

In 2022, Duke Dennis displayed talent in American football and even received offers to play at community colleges.

However, he didn’t have plans to attend college.

Duke Dennis Career

Duke played football for around 2 years in his high school. Duke’s football skills were excellent and for this, he got a scholarship that he could use to be admitted to his hometown college.

Instead of doing this, Duke decided to join the US Army. Sadly, Duke didn’t continue there and start his YouTube career.

Army Career

Duke Dennis is a former member of the US military, having served in the army branch immediately after graduating from high school.

Duke Dennis and his friend both sought a way to escape the challenges of their tough neighborhood after their college football plans fell through.

Following his basic training, Duke Dennis was stationed in Germany, where his primary duties involved administrative work.

Although he has mentioned being involved in a firefight incident during his military service, including with his cousin, he openly admitted to struggling with military life right from the start.

In one of his YouTube posts, Duke expressed his dislike for being told what to do and found it challenging to adhere to the strict military regimen and follow orders.

Even after arriving at basic training, he attempted to leave the army, but his mother encouraged him to persevere and complete his commitment. Duke made another attempt to exit the military after being stationed in Germany.

At one point, he even contemplated resorting to illegal activities like smoking weed to get discharged. However, after a conversation with his sergeant, he decided to honor his four-year contract and ultimately left the army in 2017.

YouTube Career

Dennis has harbored a deep love for basketball from his early days. His prowess on the basketball court is matched only by his skill in playing basketball video games.

His journey as a content creator commenced in 2013 when he established a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing his passion for basketball simulation video games, specifically NBA 2K.

The inaugural video on his channel featured NBA 2K17 and was titled “NBA 2K17: Dominating with the Best Jump Shot.” This video showcased the top jump shot in the game and was received positively by his audience.

Dennis continued to build his channel’s reputation with a subsequent video titled “Taking On Angry Trash Talkers in NBA 2K17,” which also garnered a favorable response from viewers.

The skilled gamer established his gaming-oriented YouTube channel, “DeeBlock Duke,” in 2020, where he shares a variety of content including gameplay videos, reactions, and vlogs.

Additionally, Dennis played a key role in founding the AMP YouTube channel in the same year. He collaborated with fellow content creators such as Chrisnxtdoor, Kai Cenat, ImDavisss, Agent 00, and Fanum to create this channel. Must check Steve Lacy’s Net Worth.

Duke Dennnis car collection

Duke Dennis has acquired three Jeep Wranglers and even maintains a Twitter account dedicated to them, known as @dukedennisjeep.

Duke Dennis jeeps
Img: Instagram

His first purchase was a camouflage Jeep Wrangler with a D-block interior back in 2017, which he later gifted to his brother. Subsequently, he bought another Jeep Wrangler equipped with a Scat Pack engine.

Currently, he is the proud owner of an SRT Jeep Wrangler.

Duke Dennis has expressed his deep affection for Jeeps, which he attributes to his upbringing in South Carolina, where he frequently encountered these vehicles.

He has also hinted at the possibility of adding a luxury car to his collection in the future. Some of the brands he’s considering include the G-Wagon and Lamborghini, but he remains open to exploring other options as well.

Personal life

If you are one of those who are willing to know about personal life along with Duke Dennis net worth, this section is only for you.

There is no information about his dating life whether he is dating or not. But one of his interviews was done with his ex-girlfriend, Kali.

Duke Dennis Net Worth

Duke Dennis net worth is $4 which is absolutely amazing at such an age. Here is the overview of these money-making sources.

Thanks to the tremendous success of his videos, this YouTuber has become highly lucrative, particularly through content centered around the NBA 2K simulation video game series. His earnings from views have soared significantly.

With a staggering 180 million views, Duke Dennis is widely recognized as one of the premier YouTubers specializing in basketball-related content.

Furthermore, he has ventured into online streaming, capitalizing on ad revenue and forging partnerships with various brands for sponsorships. Duke Dennis’s Twitch channel boasts an impressive following of over 2.1M followers who generously donate during his live streams.


Duke Dennis net worth is perfectly described in this blog post. Duke Dennis is not even so much educated but has made his wealth huge in a short time.

People are always working hard but only some of them are generating well. Don’t forget to count on Duke Dennis.

Managing three growing YouTube channels is not an easy task but Duke is doing it in his own way. Sounds good but US Army to his YouTube career, Duke has done a fantastic job.

Duke had the opportunity to join college with a scholarship that he gained with the help of his football skills. He may now be in a good education if he took the scholarship opportunity.

But Duke took the way he loved.


How does Duke Dennis make his money?

Duke Dennis generates his income through various sources related to his YouTube channels, and online presence, primarily as a content creator and gamer.

How is Duke Dennis so rich?

Duke Dennis has achieved a level of financial success due to a combination of factors such as YouTube and Streaming Revenue, Sponsorships and Collaborations, Merchandise Sales, Diverse Online Presence, Skill and Passion, and Consistency and Engagement.

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