DD Osama Net Worth, Early life, Career [2023]

DD Osama Net Worth

Searching for DD Osama net worth? You are in the right place. In this particular blog post, we will discuss DD Osama net worth, early life, and career including his monthly and annual income.

American rising and hip-hop star DD Osama’s birth name is David Reyes but he is well known by his stage name DD Osama. People like to listen to him and this is why DD Osama has taken the world of music and social media by storm.

Three tracks, “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s” has gained massive attention, don’t need to mention, these three tracks attract more than 40 million views on YouTube. Also, he has made a successful fan base on social media. Don’t forget to check his Instagram account, 1.3 million followers.

DD Osama is a newcomer but he has already made waves with his signature rap pieces. Back in 2022, DD Osama started his music career with his brother Notti Osama at his grandmother’s house with the help of a temporary studio.

As DD Osama continues to make strides in the USA of hip-hop, he recently made a significant guest appearance as a vocalist on the track “PARTY IN THE USA.” With each passing day, DD Osama net worth is $2 million. Also, check Skilla’s baby net worth.

What is DD Osama net worth?

Net Worth in 2023$2 Million
Monthly Income$85k
Annual Income$992k
Last update2023

Early life

DD Osama, the talented musician born as David Reyes on November 29, 2006, at New York Brooklyn Hospital. From a young age, DD experienced frequent moves with his Dominican family, eventually settling in Harlem before moving to Yonkers.

Growing up in a large family, DD found support and guidance from his strong mother, Crimsley Martinez, as his father was absent due to their separation. However, he was fortunate to have a stepfather who played a significant role in his life.

DD Osama’s life is filled with the presence of siblings. With three older brothers, two of whom are already making waves in the rap music industry like DD, there is a strong musical influence in the household. Another sibling aspires to be a model, while DD’s younger brother, Notti, is enthusiastically following in his footsteps in the rap industry. In addition, DD also has three half-sisters.

DD Osama with his brother Notti Osama
Img: Instagram

Raised by a mother involved in real estate, DD attended elementary school in Harlem. Throughout his high school years, he engaged in basketball games and football matches against his older brothers, honing his skills and passion for athletics.

Stay tuned for DD Osama’s remarkable journey as he emerges as a rising star in the world of rap music. With his talent and determination, he is destined for greatness. Must check SugarHill Ddot Net Worth.


Chief Keef’s influence on drill music cannot be understated. His popular songs like “Love Sosa,” “I Don’t Like,” and “Bang” generated so much attention that Interscope Records offered him a significant recording deal.

DD Osama and Lil Durk
DD Osama Net Worth

Drill music, which originated in Chicago, has gained global recognition for its unique expression. New York, in particular, has made a name for itself in the genre by using sampled beats and delivering cutting lyrics. DD Osama, a prominent figure in this scene, gained even more prominence with his song “Dead Opps,” a tribute to his late brother Notti Osama.

DD Osama and Notti created emotionally charged and fast-paced songs with catchy choruses that mock their rivals. The music video for “Dead Opps,” released on July 12, 2022, has already reached an impressive 18 million views.

Tragically, Notti met a horrific end on July 9, 2022, after being stabbed in Manhattan. He was rescued from the 137th Street/City College subway station but could not be saved. The loss of his brother shattered DD Osama, who turned to online platforms to express his grief. One of his poignant tweets read, “Why did you leave me? How can you claim that death is easy?” Despite his pain, DD Osama is determined to carry on Notti’s legacy.


After starting his own YouTube channel, he released hit singles like “Party In The USA” and “40s N 9s,” capturing the attention of audiences and gaining a significant number of views. But everything changed in the summer of 2022 when he teamed up with his younger brother Notti to create a track titled “Dead Opps.”

Unfortunately, tragedy struck just before the music video’s release. Notti Osama, DD’s younger brother, lost his life in a devastating incident.

In the midst of this heartbreaking loss, DD expressed his grief and confusion through an emotional Instagram post, questioning why his brother had to leave. The next day, DD honored Notti’s memory by releasing the music video for their collaboration “Dead Opps.” The video quickly gained traction, amassing nearly 2 million views on YouTube within a month.

DD didn’t stop there. He continued to release new singles like “40s N 9s” and “Bonnie N Clyde,” showcasing his talents on his YouTube channel.

DD Osama Net Worth

With an estimated financial standing of $2 million as of 2023, DD Osama’s journey to wealth started in Harlem. Through his music career and YouTube presence, he has managed to accumulate a significant fortune.

Notably, DD Osama’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive 187 million views. This popularity has translated into an estimated yearly income ranging from $600k to $700k, encompassing revenue from multiple sources. Consequently, he now joins the ranks of the world’s affluent rap artists, sharing the spotlight with renowned figures like Styles P, Nardo Wick, and Waka Flocka. Also, check Danny Duncan’s Net Worth.


The meteoric rise of DD Osama in the world of music and social media confirms his status as a new force in the rap and hip-hop industry. His net worth, standing at an impressive $2 million, is a testament to his hard work, talent, and resilience. As he continues to release captivating content and make a significant impact in the music scene, DD Osama’s influence and worth only promise to grow. Keep an eye on this rising star — his story serves as an inspiring example of overcoming adversity and achieving success.

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