Dani Elle Speegle Net Worth and Biography [2024]

Dani Elle Speegle net worth

Dani Elle Speegle is an American CrossFit athlete and fitness influencer.

She is known for her impressive strength and athleticism and has won several CrossFit competitions, including the 2018 South East CrossFit Regionals. She is also a two-time Titan Games champion.

In this particular blog post, we will discuss Dani Elle Speegle net worth, biography and along with her age, height, and monthly and annual income. Read on to learn about Dani Elle Speegle.

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Dani Elle Speegle Net Worth

Her income is primarily derived from sponsorships, social media, and personal training.

She is sponsored by several fitness brands, including Coromega, Therabody, and Lululemon. She also charges a high rate for her personal training services.

Speegle’s social media presence is also a major source of income. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and she charges a high rate for sponsored posts.

She also makes money through affiliate marketing, which is when she promotes products or services on her social media channels and earns a commission when someone makes a purchase through her link.

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NameDani Elle Speegle
Net Worth$3 Million
Monthly income$20k-$30k
Annual Income$240k – $360k
Sponsorships$10k – $15k per month
Social media$5k – $10k per month
Personal training$5k – $10k per month
Income sourcesCrossFit competitions, Endorsements,
Personal training, YouTube channel,
Instagram, Own fitness apparel line

Early life

On January 10, 1993, Dani Elle Speegle was born in Conifer, Colorado.

She was raised in a small town and she started competing in sports at a young age. She played soccer, volleyball, and track, and she was also a gymnast.

Dani Elle Speegle early life

Speegle’s love of fitness continued into high school, where she was a member of the varsity track team. She also started lifting weights and she quickly realized that she had a natural talent for strength training.

After high school, Speegle attended Florida Atlantic University, where she studied business. She also continued to train in CrossFit and she quickly became one of the top athletes in the program.

In 2015, Speegle competed in her first CrossFit competition. She placed first in the South East Regional and she qualified for the CrossFit Games.

She finished in 17th place overall, which was a remarkable achievement for her first time competing at the Games.


Birth NameDani Speegle
DOBJanuary 10, 1993
Age31 Years
BirthplaceConifer, Colorado
Father’s NameGlenn Speegle
Mother’s NameChera Kee Speegle
BrotherCody Speegle
SchoolConifer Middle School, Conifer, Colorado
CollegeFlorida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
DegreeBusiness administration
ProfessionCrossFit athlete, Fitness influencer, Entrepreneur
BoyfriendAlex Gordon
Height5′ 6″
Weight70.3-74.8 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Birth SignCapricorn

Fitness Career

Dani Elle Speegle began her fitness career in 2015 after her coach encouraged her to try CrossFit contests. She quickly showed promise in the sport, and within a few years, she had become one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world.

Speegle is known for her strong lifts, particularly in the back squat, clean and jerk, and snatch. She has a back squat of 370 pounds, a clean and jerk of 270 pounds, and a snatch of 220 pounds.

These are all very impressive lifts for a woman, and they put her in elite company in the CrossFit world.

In addition to her strength, Speegle is also known for her conditioning and agility. She is able to perform complex movements with ease, and she has a high level of endurance.

This makes her a very well-rounded athlete, and it allows her to compete at a high level in a variety of CrossFit events.

Speegle has won several CrossFit competitions, including the 2018 South East CrossFit Regionals. She is also a two-time Titan Games champion.

She has also competed in the CrossFit Games twice, finishing in 17th place overall in 2015 and 15th place overall in 2019. Also, read The Scrubbie Net Worth.

Here are some of Dani Elle Speegle’s most notable accomplishments in her fitness career:

  • Won the 2018 South East CrossFit Regionals
  • Finished in 17th place overall at the 2015 CrossFit Games
  • Finished in 15th place overall at the 2019 CrossFit Games
  • Two-time Titan Games champion
  • Has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram
  • Owns her own fitness apparel line
  • Is a brand ambassador for several fitness companies

Personal life

Dani Elle Speegle is a private person and she does not share much about her personal life online.

However, it is known that she is in a relationship with Alex Gordon, who is also a CrossFit athlete.

Dani Elle Speegle and her boyfriend Alex Gordon

Speegle and Gordon met in 2017 when they were both competing in the CrossFit Regionals. They bonded easily, and shortly after, they began dating.

Gordon is a talented CrossFit athlete in his own right. He has competed in the CrossFit Games twice, finishing in 40th place overall in 2019.

He is also a coach at CrossFit Mayhem, one of the most successful CrossFit gyms in the world.

Speegle and Gordon are a power couple in the CrossFit world. They are both highly successful athletes and they are very supportive of each other’s careers. They often train together and they travel to competitions together.

Speegle and Gordon are not married, but they have been together for over five years and they seem very happy together. They are a role model for young couples who are both passionate about fitness.

Social media links

FacebookDani Speegle
Twitterdani elle speegle


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