Blogging will never die due to AI If we Keep Publishing Quality Content

Blogging will never die

The rise of AI has impacted many industries, including content creation. With advanced language models like GPT-3, AI can now generate human-like text on a vast array of topics.

However, while AI excels at creating high volumes of content, there remains an irreplaceable value in content crafted with an authentic human voice.

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, bloggers should focus on quality over quantity and emphasize their unique voice.

The human touch in blogging adds nuanced perspectives shaped by real experiences. AI cannot fully replicate the emotional resonance and creativity that comes naturally to humans.

Bloggers should leverage AI as a tool, while ensuring their content retains a personal style and insightful analysis.

The Evolution of AI in Content Writing

AI has come a long way in its ability to generate coherent writing. Early AI programs focused on basic grammar and spelling correction.

Then came predictive text generators on phones. Today, large language models like GPT-3, Lamda display impressive fluency on a range of topics when fed sufficient data and prompts.

While the current state of AI is remarkable, limitations remain. AI lacks common sense and cannot reason or form original ideas.

Without human oversight, AI writing risks logical gaps and repetition. Sophisticated as it may be, today’s AI lacks the lived experiences that allow humans to inject heart and creativity into their writing.

The Essence of Human Creativity

Human writers draw from their unique blend of backgrounds, education, cultures, and life experiences. This shapes an authentic perspective that provides depth and originality to one’s writing.

AI simply cannot capture the nuances of individual life journeys.

Humans also understand cultural references, sarcasm, and subtle wordplay in a way AI does not. Writers connect with readers by sharing their internal thoughts and injecting personality into their work.

The emotional resonance and ability to use storytelling are innately human qualities. For blogs, they create a personal connection that keeps readers engaged.

Quality Over Quantity: The Key to Evergreen Content

Given AI’s ability to produce vast amounts of content, a temptation emerges to use it to saturate the web.

However, thoughtlessly mass-producing articles will likely have little lasting value for readers. When every blog starts to sound similar, people lose trust.

Instead, bloggers should focus on producing truly evergreen content – writing that stands out for its uniqueness rather than search engine optimization and volume.

When human writers create insightful, in-depth analyses on topics they are passionate about, the quality shines through. That is what earns an audience’s attention and trust over time.

This doesn’t mean that AI is totally a bad thing and we (Content Writers) should avoid it. Generative is here to assist and make our work better and more professional.

Simply asking an AI tool to write an article will not do wonders for you in 2023, 2024, or in the future.

Google algorithms have become so smart that they can detect whether content is written by a human or not. So, you can use generative AI to create content and do some manual editing to add that human touch.

Meanwhile, if you are running late on time, you can use an online paraphrasing tool, paragraph generator, word AI, or many others.

These tools will help you make AI content better as they’ll add that missing uniqueness and human touch so that you can use that content.

The Complementary Role of AI in Content Creation

Used strategically, AI can actually assist bloggers in streamlining their workflow. AI-powered tools help research target keywords, provide SEO optimization recommendations, analyze engagement analytics, and more.

This gives bloggers valuable data to shape content that will resonate with readers.

AI can also help provide initial drafts that human writers can then refine by adding their own analysis, narratives, voice, and examples.

The key is oversight and editing to ensure the final product remains thoughtful and engaging. Bloggers should use AI to enhance, not replace, their unique value.

Case Studies: Successful Human-Focused Blogs

Many popular blogs blend AI and human creativity – with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Zen Habits takes a minimalist approach to blogging by primarily publishing in-depth personal development content.

Though author Leo Babauta uses AI for editing help, his authentic long-form articles are what earn reader loyalty.

Another example is Wait But Why, where author Tim Urban adds humor and sketches to create engaging “explainers” on complex topics like artificial intelligence, religion, and human motivation.

This unique blend of research, visuals, and quirky personal asides is Tim’s differentiator.

Both blogs succeed by staying focused on value over volume. Their content is carefully crafted around the authors’ personalities and passions. The human touch remains front and center.

Tips for Bloggers in the Age of AI

To thrive in today’s AI-driven landscape, here are a few tips:

  1. Maintain your unique voice – be yourself and write from personal experience. Use your individuality to stand out.
  2. Focus less on keyword quotas and more on sharing authentic perspectives. Quality beats quantity.
  3. Avoid overusing AI to mass produce posts – strategically work it into your process instead.
  4. Stay on top of AI advances but don’t force it just because it’s trendy – use it to complement your strengths.
  5. Spend time cultivating the knowledge and passion that sets you apart as a subject matter expert.


As AI grows more advanced in generating written content, there remains tremendous value in authentic, human-driven perspectives.

Bloggers should avoid over-relying on AI for content, as the true differentiator is quality over quantity.

By crafting posts rich in genuine experiences, storytelling, and personality, bloggers can continue engaging readers in the age of AI. The human touch remains the soul of great writing.

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

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