What is a Pop-Up and the Types of Use on Your Website

What is a pop-up and the types of use on your website

Do you enjoy browsing websites? If so, you must have come across pop-ups. Most Internet users have mixed reactions when they hear ‘pop-ups.’

Some love the deals, discounts, and information pop-ups offer, while others find them to be a distraction, lowering their browsing experience. Some even flat-out hate them. 

No matter your feelings, pop-ups are a great way for online businesses to generate leads and enhance the conversion rate.

That’s why top brands continue including them as part of their website design, even at the risk of alienating visitors.

This article will teach you about website pop-ups and the different types you can consider using on your business website. 

What are Website Pop-Ups?

Website pop-ups are windows appearing in the user interface without any intentional action from the visitor.

These windows pop into view on their own accord and are primarily used by marketers to generate leads and promote offers.

However, they can also be used to alert visitors regarding other things like cookie use. 

Although most users find them annoying, they have a conversion rate of 9.28%, and they can help brands increase their mailing lists, drive conversions and encourage users to convert.

There are different ways to use them, and the most effective use of pop-ups are as follows:

  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Increase demo sign-ups 
  • Ask users to submit a question 
  • Segment the email list
  • Gather leads
  • Recommend related products 

Since most users consider these pop-ups an invasive form of notification, popular browsers have responded by introducing features blocking these in their tracks.

For instance, Safari pop-up blockers go as far as to enable the pop-up blocking feature by default. So, Mac users wanting to see pop-ups often wonder how to allow them, and if you have the same question, read this guide at https://setapp.com/

Different Types of Pop-Ups You Can Use on Your Website 

  • Lightbox 

The most common type used on websites is the lightbox pop-up. These appear in a smaller new window over the website page that users are currently browsing.

When the lightbox shows up, it makes the browser’s background darker to grab visitors’ attention. 

While they can be used for several purposes, they are most commonly used to grow a brand’s email list. 

  • Entry Pop-Ups 

The most underrated ones are the entry pop-ups. They’re also considered the most dangerous ones, but marketers can successfully achieve their objectives when used correctly.

These appear as soon as the website’s landing page is fully loaded. It blocks visitors from seeing the web page they wish to see until they have engaged with the pop-up.

This means these appear before anybody has seen the website page’s pictures, read its USP, or communicated with the website. 

Although it might sound sketchy, marketers can gain a lot by correctly using this pop-up. Here are some suggestions for using this pop-up. 

  1. Use it to run an online-exclusive contest to promote your products and keep the contest close to your chest. 
  2. When visitors come to your website, you can use the pop-up to direct them to the pricing or contest page. 
  3. If you’re providing discounts, you can use the entry pop-up to let visitors see the discounted prices instead of the regular prices. 

These will help hold the visitors’ attention, and they won’t get annoyed that they cannot see the website page without going through the pop-up first.

Simply put, it must provide visitors with important information that will help enhance their browsing experience

  • Gamified 

Gamified pop-ups are quite popular today, and they are highly effective. You can use them to turn your standard pop-up campaign into an interactive game that people can play and enjoy.

The spin wheel pop-up is the most common type of gamified pop-up. These are perfect for grabbing users’ attention and providing extra incentives to follow the brand’s CTA. 

If you wish to make the gamified pop-ups more effective, you must ensure that you are offering some prize that will compel users to take action. 

  • Click-Pop-Ups 

Click-pop-ups get activated when visitors visit the website or landing page and click on a designated image, link, or word.

They occur because of action, which is why they’re one of the least intrusive pop-ups. 

You can use this type of pop-up in the following ways:

  • A banner can be placed at the bottom of blog articles, promoting an in-depth eBook about the same subject as your articles. 
  • The click pop-up can be connected to the banner picture, and it can appear when the image is clicked. 

The Bottom Line 

When designing a business website and considering including pop-ups, you must go through the different available types and accordingly make your decision.

This guide mentions the most common ones, but there are more. Sit with your marketing and design team to zero in on the right ones to use to attract visitors.

Surya Biswas

Surya Biswas is the author and co-founder of Bloggingrico. Here, Surya teaches beginners how to do blogging and affiliate marketing. Surya makes a full-time income from blogging and affiliate marketing.