Chrisean Rock net worth [2024]

Chrisean Rock net worth

Chrisean Rock net worth: Forget diamonds and drama – Chrisean Rock’s real currency is fire. It blazes in her fiery Instagram clapbacks, crackles in her explosive reality TV scenes, and smolders in the raw lyrics of her rap tracks.

Buckle up, because we’re about to crack the code and unveil the truth: what is Chrisean Rock really worth?

Be with us to more about Chrisean Rock’s early life, career, music, reality TV, and especially the main one “Chrisean Rock net worth“.

Who is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock, whose real name is Chrisean Eugenia Malone. She is an American rapper and reality TV personality.

Chrisean Rock was just a talented athlete with a fire in her heart.


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Chrisean Rock came to the spotlight back in 2018.

2018 marked a turning point for her, not with diamonds and drama, but with the adrenaline-pumping obstacle course of Fox’s “Ultimate Tag.”

This wasn’t just about a $10,000 prize; it was a spark in the tinderbox of Chrisean’s future stardom.

Early life and career

Chrisean Rock, born Chrisean Eugenia Malone on 14 March 2000, didn’t have a silver spoon growing up in Baltimore’s West side.

Chrisean Rock has a large family! She has 11 siblings, with some sources mentioning a total of 12 including herself.

  • 8 biological siblings: Chastity, Eugene Jr., Mookie, Terine, Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey Malone, Petey Tucker, and Terrance Dorsey (half-sibling from her mother’s previous relationship).
  • 3 half-siblings: Charla had three children before marrying Chrisean’s father, but the names of these half-siblings are not publicly known.

Chrisean’s childhood life was not easy, her mother Charla was a drug addict.

Chrisean Rock’s father, Eugene Arthur Malone, a professional chef cared a lot in her childhood.

She attended Santa Monica College in California, where she was known as a student-athlete.

Chrisean Rock early life
Chrisean Rock net worth

Santa Monica College became her gateway, not just for an associate’s degree in Kinesiology, but for a taste of the limelight.

“Ultimate Tag,” a Fox television show, became her first brush with fame, with a $10,000 victory solidifying her competitive spirit.

This win wasn’t just about the money; it was a catalyst, proving she could navigate the world of reality TV and emerge victorious.

Back in Baltimore, Chrisean embraced her passion for music, honing her rap skills and releasing singles like “Lonely” with then-unknown rapper Blueface.

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This marked the beginning of a whirlwind romance and a career trajectory intertwined with his rise to fame.

Joining Blueface’s “Blue Girls Club” on OnlyFans gave her a platform to showcase her fiery personality and fierce loyalty, paving the way for her explosive arrival on the national stage.

Rise to Fame and Reality TV

Chrisean Rock’s ascent to reality TV stardom wasn’t a gentle climb; it was a rollercoaster ride punctuated by explosive fights, viral moments, and undeniable star power.

Her entry point?

The Zeus Network’s “Baddies,” a show infamous for its volatile mix of female personalities.

Chrisean didn’t blend in – she exploded onto the scene like a supernova.

Her fiery temper, unapologetic honesty, and fierce loyalty (often directed towards Blueface) made her a lightning rod for drama.

Rise to Fame and Reality TV
Chrisean Rock net worth

Fights erupted, tears flowed, and catchphrases like “Rockstar!” and “Leave me alone!” became battle cries.

But beneath the drama, Chrisean was captivating. Her vulnerability, talent, and street smarts resonated with audiences, turning her into an unlikely fan favorite.

Season after season, Chrisean kept raising the bar, becoming the undisputed queen of “Baddies.”

Her fiery personality translated into lucrative offers, boosting her brand value and paving the way for her own show, “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love.”

This wasn’t just a reality show; it was a window into Chrisean and Blueface’s volatile relationship, a reality TV goldmine.

Their on-screen arguments, extravagant gifts, and public reconciliations garnered millions of views, cementing Chrisean’s status as a reality TV mainstay.

Music Career and Income Streams

While reality TV might be Chrisean Rock’s current claim to fame, music has always been the beat of her heart.

Her foray into rap started alongside then-unknown Blueface, collaborating on tracks like “Lonely.”

Her solo releases like “Chea” and “No Budget” showcase her raw talent and streetwise lyricism, gaining millions of views and landing her on coveted playlists.

But music isn’t just about passion for Chrisean; it’s a potential goldmine. Here’s how she’s turning those rhymes into dollars:

Streaming Services: Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal pay artists a fraction of a cent per stream. With millions of views for her tracks, Chrisean is likely raking in a steady income from this source.

Chrisean Rock music stage
Chrisean Rock net worth

Live Performances: While she hasn’t embarked on a full-fledged tour yet, Chrisean’s fiery personality and captivating stage presence make her a sought-after performer for clubs and private events. These gigs can bring in significant cash alongside boosting her profile.

Featured Artist Fees: Collaborations with other established artists can be hugely lucrative for emerging rappers. If Chrisean’s guest verses start popping up on major tracks, Chrisean Rock net worth could see a significant bump.

Music Video Views: Currently Chrisean Rock has 390K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Only from ads, Chrisean Rock is making $333 to $5.3K per month. There are other sources like affiliate marketing and promotion.

Estimating Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Pinpointing Chrisean Rock net worth is, well, like navigating a reality TV maze – filled with twists, turns, and plenty of speculation.

While financial details remain largely under wraps, let’s crack the code by piecing together the puzzle from publicly available information:

Income Streams

Reality TV: Based on reports, reality stars can earn anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 per episode. Considering Chrisean’s high profile and explosive presence on “Baddies” and “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love,” her earnings likely fall on the higher end.

Music: Streaming platforms like Spotify pay artists a fraction of a cent per stream. With millions of views for her tracks, Chrisean could be making $5,000 to $10,000 per song, a figure that rises with live performances, collaborations, and music video ad revenue.

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Brand Deals: Chrisean’s fiery personality and social media reach make her a potential goldmine for brands. Endorsement deals with clothing lines, makeup companies, or even energy drinks could add a significant sum to Chrisean Rock net worth.

Social Media: With over 5.5 million Instagram followers and 226.7K TikTok followers, Chrisean can potentially earn $10,000 to $20,000 per sponsored post. This, alongside merchandise sales and other social media monetization avenues, adds another layer to her financial picture.

Putting it Together

Combining these income streams with potential investments and assets (luxury cars, jewelry, etc.) paints a picture of a rapidly growing net worth.

Estimating conservatively, Chrisean Rock net worth could be anywhere from $3 million.

However, factors like lucrative brand deals, surprise music drops, or a shocking season finale of “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love” could push this figure significantly higher.

Important Caveats

Remember, estimates rely on publicly available information and industry averages.

Exact figures remain private, and the volatile nature of Chrisean’s career means Chrisean Rock net worth is fluid and constantly evolving.

Final Note

Whether it’s $3 million or $4 million, one thing’s clear: Chrisean Rock is building an empire brick by fiery brick.

From reality TV queen to budding rap star, her hustle and undeniable talent are paving the way for a future studded with diamonds and dollar signs.


Chrisean Rock isn’t just a reality TV star or a rapper – she’s a phenomenon.

From Baltimore streets to the bright lights of Hollywood, her journey has been a whirlwind of drama, determination, and undeniable star power.

Reality TV has been her launchpad, showering her with potential six-figure deals and catapulting her into the realm of lucrative brand partnerships.

Her burgeoning music career, with its catchy tracks and millions of streams, adds another layer of financial fuel.

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